Implement choice between GM_Surface and GM_MultiSurface for Shore type?

Added by Michael Lutz over 6 years ago

The Shore type is moving from the “Land Cover” to the “Hydro – Physical Waters” package. Therefore the change of the type of the geometry property (from GM_Surface to GM_MultiSurface) could also be simply implemented in the “Hydro – Physical Waters” schema, without including a choice between GM_Surface and GM_MultiSurface.

Note that in this case, existing Shore data could not be made compliant to the new schema by simply changing the namespace in the instance document (cf. section 2.3.1).

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RE: Implement choice between GM_Surface and GM_MultiSurface for Shore type? - Added by Pawel Soczewski about 6 years ago

I think it should use a consistent and the general rules for all spatial objects types rather than create cases by case basis, like in the proposed solution. If the existing dataset will be compatible with the new version of the data specification it must also change the definition of the geometry to GM_Multisurface. Admission geometry type GM_Surface is formally incompatible with the application schema.

I've tested in ArcGIS for INSPIRE the proposal implementing of the Shore.geometry.

<element name="geometry">
<sequence minOccurs="0">
<element ref="gml:AbstractSurface" minOccurs="0"/>
<element ref="gml:MultiSurface" minOccurs="0"/>
<attributeGroup ref="gml:AssociationAttributeGroup"/>
<attributeGroup ref="gml:OwnershipAttributeGroup"/>

The application has had some problem with recognize this definition of geometry attribute. The WFS response doesn't encode this attribute. When I've changed the definition for:

<element name="geometry" type="gml:MultiSurface" />

the answer has to be correct.

I'm afraid that other applications can also have problems with support such an implementation in the XML Schema.