Testing the differences working with the new schemes in open source transformation software

Added by Darja Lihteneger about 6 years ago

The feedback is collected in the EEA project "CDDA in conformity with INSPIRE" providing data transformation of the European data sets Common database on Designated Areas (CDDA) based on the INSPIRE Protected sites Simple application schema.

After evaluating the XSD for Protected Sites the only difference is related to the new code list encoding and affect to "designationScheme" and "designation" attributes.
type="gml:CodeType" now change to type="base-cl:CodeListType”

A first result to transform CDDA following the new PS- XSD has been obtained:

We have followed two different approaches in both cases encoding using xlink:href= instead of codeSpace=:
1. Including the specific designation:
<ps:designation xlink:href="http://inspire.ec.europa.eu/codelist/IUCNDesignationValue">managedResourceProtectedArea</ps:designation>

No problems appear in transformation, nor in validation.

2. Joining codeList + value and using the direct link (example bellow is specific for the project using the extended INSPIRE code lists DesignationSchemeValue and DesignationValue):
<ps:designation xlink:href="http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/cdda/designationtypecategory/A"/>

This approach seems to be more appropriate, but using open source tool, a warning appears and identifies the designation value as empty, therefore a nilreason is required. (This is right because this attribute is voidable and could be empty).
By continuing with the transformation (without including a nilreason) and validating the results using "W3C XML Schema (XSD) Validation online" against the new schema; no errors appear.

Therefore, encoding using the updated schemas is possible, but there are still doubts about the most appropriated way to encode the xlink. Guidelines are needed to help the implementers.