Error in Protected Sites Full (draft) schema

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27 May 2014

Raised by Alex Ramage (UK) - This has been highlighted to me within a CEN document.

The INSPIRE Protected Sites Full application schema contains a ProtectedSite feature with an officialsiteArea attribute defined as 'The official area of the site in hectares. This may not the same as area calculated from the geometry'. It has been given a type 'Area' - this should be the 19103 type of the same name; however, the model links it to the (abstract) NetworkArea feature type from the generic network model. This is completely wrong, and results in a GML application schema that expects a reference to another feature, rather than a number (of hectares).
(It would also be more consistent to capitalise the 's': officialSiteArea)

NOTE: this is modelled correctly in the INSPIRE UML Model - latest (Debbie)

<element minOccurs="0" name="officialsiteArea" nillable="true">
-- Definition --
The official area of the site in hectares. This may not the same as area calculated from the geometry.
<extension base="gml:AbstractMemberType">
<sequence minOccurs="0">
<element ref="net:NetworkArea"/>
<attributeGroup ref="gml:AssociationAttributeGroup"/>

Update 9th September 2014 (Peter Parslow)

Although not obvious on the INSPIRE Data Specification page, the ProtectedSites specification has been updated to 3.2 (the link on the page still says 3.1, but the document it links to is different!). The new document is some 20 pages shorter, and contains only a much simplified model. Section 5.1.2 notes that the two extended schemas have been removed. Similarly, the GML schema at has also been quietly fixed.

This issue has therefore been fixed. There is a currently an issue as to whether ps-f and ps-natura are needed at all, as they've been dropped from 3.2 of the spec. Also the issue of the spec page ( not highlighting that!


INSPIRE Protected Sites Full.msg (170 KB) Debbie Wilson, 27 May 2014 03:51 pm