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Toggle_check # Project Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Author Tracker
3703Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalboudingbox tag11 Oct 2019 10:00 amBenoît FricheteauSupport
3702Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalDE: Linkage Checker - How does "Branch 1 check" for Download Service metadata works? 11 Oct 2019 09:32 amDejan DeordicSupport
3701Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalDifferent results in Linkage checker than in ETF-validator10 Oct 2019 03:40 pmMichael ÖstlingSupport
3700Geoportal HelpdeskFeedbackNormalMT: Harvesting ResultsDaniele Francioli11 Oct 2019 02:45 pmRene AgiusSupport
3699Geoportal HelpdeskNewHighJRC Proxy/FTP issueDavide Artasensi11 Oct 2019 09:04 amLars StorgaardSupport
3697Geoportal HelpdeskFeedbackNormalBE: Harvesting statusDaniele Francioli08 Oct 2019 11:13 amBart CosynSupport
3696Geoportal HelpdeskAssignedNormalQuestion related to harvest results with id INSPIRE-7edbed58-ddbc-11e4-b469-52540004b857_20191003-224418Daniele Francioli11 Oct 2019 02:19 pmSimona BuneaSupport
3695Geoportal HelpdeskFeedbackNormalFI: Linkage checker not workingDaniele Francioli10 Oct 2019 04:13 pmKai KoistinenSupport
3693Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalBE: harvesting : federal CSW10 Oct 2019 03:45 pmBenoît FricheteauSupport
3692Geoportal HelpdeskNewHighDownload services with username/password protection22 Sep 2019 06:36 pmLars StorgaardSupport
3691Geoportal HelpdeskAssignedNormalIT: Question related to harvest results with id INSPIRE-c22038a7-4e03-11e8-a459-52540023a883_20190913-235949Davide Artasensi20 Sep 2019 05:57 pmAntonio RotundoSupport
3690Geoportal HelpdeskNewHighAT: Question related to harvest results with id INSPIRE-61494ff5-6fad-11e8-b649-52540023a883_20190919-131908Davide Artasensi20 Sep 2019 09:07 amManuel IllmeyerSupport
3689Geoportal HelpdeskAssignedHighCZ: Massive decrease of downloadable data setsDavide Artasensi24 Sep 2019 11:09 amMagdalena KabatovaSupport
3688Geoportal HelpdeskFeedbackUrgentSE: Change Harvesting NodeDavide Artasensi11 Oct 2019 11:40 amFredrik PersäterSupport
3687Geoportal HelpdeskFeedbackNormalDE: issue with latest harvest sessions and HarvestConsoleDavide Artasensi18 Sep 2019 01:23 pmDavide ArtasensiSupport
3686Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalDecreasing number of downloadable data setsAngelo Quaglia18 Sep 2019 12:57 pmLars StorgaardSupport
3685Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalAT: Harvesting & Linkage Checker - downloadable datasets20 Sep 2019 07:47 amManuel IllmeyerSupport
3684Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalUnderstanding numbers in harvesting console18 Sep 2019 11:55 amMichael ÖstlingSupport
3682Geoportal HelpdeskNewHighQuestion related to harvest results with id INSPIRE-462ed9f9-1ce6-11e6-be5e-52540023a883_20190915-22494618 Sep 2019 10:39 amSvetlogor KIROVSupport
3681Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalIT: datasets not showed in the preview16 Sep 2019 05:35 pmAntonio RotundoSupport
3680Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalUnsuccessful harvesting attempts13 Sep 2019 09:55 amPiotr PerzSupport
3679Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalNL: harvesting results INSPIRE-8c93a17a-05f4-11e1-b7de-52540004b857Angelo Quaglia23 Sep 2019 08:19 pmIne de VisserSupport
3678Geoportal HelpdeskNewHighHandling multiple on-line linksAngelo Quaglia18 Sep 2019 01:39 pmMichael ÖstlingSupport
3677Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalQuestion related to harvest results with id INSPIRE-6e8353b4-de80-11e7-a188-52540023a883_20190910-075413Angelo Quaglia13 Sep 2019 03:59 pmLars StorgaardSupport
3676Geoportal HelpdeskNewNormalQuestion related to harvest results with id INSPIRE-6e8353b4-de80-11e7-a188-52540023a883_20190909-112905Angelo Quaglia09 Sep 2019 04:16 pmLars StorgaardSupport

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