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MIWP-11: Simplification and clarification of GML encoding for spatial data

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Currently, GML 3.3 as specified by ISO and OGC is used as encoding for spatial data. We are facing several aspects:

  1. GML 3.3 is not supported by any commercial or FOSS GIS
  2. it is very unlikely to expect, that any processing system (e.g. GIS or ETL tool) will support the complete GML3.3 specification
  3. Current data specifications for INSPIRE use only a small fraction of the possible data types provided by GML
  4. we are facing a huge effort for data transformation to produce the data according to the current encoding rules
  5. even if the INSPIRE data is delivered according to the current rules, we are facing again major transformation efforts to make them processable for current systems.

The used software (ShapeChange) for generating XML schemas from UML already implements only a subset of GML. The issue is, that this is not documented in any official INSPIRE document and not agreed by any INSPIRE body. E.g. today, GIS providers have to read and understand the (partly poorly documented) programming code of ShapeChange to know about the restrictions on the encoding of INSPIRE data themes.

Proposed change or action:

  1. investigate current INSPIRE data themes on the data types really needed for encoding in INSPIRE
  2. reduce the allowed data types for encoding in GML, e.g. based on ISO19137
  3. update D2.7 accordingly

This would encourage GIS and ETL providers to implement the same subset of GML as specified then in D2.7, instead of implementing arbitrary subsets (different for each provider) as it is today.

Organisational set-up:

Form a MIG subgroup to identify issues and propose the way forward


Updated version of D2.7

Possible funding:

  • ARE3NA
  • JRC institutional / competitive budget
  • In-kind contributions (PoE, MIG)

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Status 2014-09-04:
  • Tasks MIWP-11/12/18 are documented on the GML encoding wiki
  • This issue was one of the discussion topics at the initial workshop on GML-related issues on 28 May 2014 in Paris.
  • There is an open action from the workshop on JRC to develop a work plan for MIWP-11/12/18 based on Workshop outcomes and to propose how actions could be achieved (e.g. through MIG sub-group, contracts, ...)

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