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MIWP-12: Clarification of UML-to-GML encoding rules

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We are currently not sure, whether the existing encoding rules in ISO19136 for UML to GML are clear and deterministic enough to produce unique encodings. Observation: ShapeChange produces an encoding, which cannot be reproduced in the same way with other UML2GML tools based on the same specification in ISO19136. We are also not sure, whether the existing encoding specification produces usable and useful GML with respect to standard GIS and geodata processing software (e.g. difficulties with schematron processing or no possibilities to read and interpret XML annotations).

Furthermore, the current XML schemas for the Annex I spatial data themes were generated using a previous version of the “iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions” encoding rule, which differs in some aspects (e.g. the encoding of code list-valued properties) from the encoding rule used for the Annex II+III themes.

Proposed change or action:

  1. Explore the implementation of ShapeChange and other tools, whether and how they are conformant to the existing specification
  2. If necessary: clarify the specification
  3. Investigate existing encodings for usefulness and usability within use cases as specified in INSPIRE data specifications, with special focus on the ability of COTS and FOSS tools to handle the encoding
  4. If necessary: correct/overrule/restrict the encoding rules specification in ISO19136
  5. Feedback to ISO/TC211 and OGC

In addition, it should be discussed whether/how to update the encodings for the Annex I data specifications using the updated encoding rule.

Organisational set-up:

Form a MIG subgroup to identify issues and propose the way forward. This should be the same group as for MIWP-11.


  • Updated version of D2.7
  • Change proposals to ISO/TC 211 and OGC (if appropriate)

Possible funding:

  • ARE3NA
  • JRC institutional / competitive budget
  • In-kind contributions (PoE, MIG)

Related issues

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Status 2014-09-04:
  • Tasks MIWP-11/12/18 are documented on the GML encoding wiki
  • This issue was one of the discussion topics at the initial workshop on GML-related issues on 28 May 2014 in Paris.
  • There is an open action from the workshop on JRC to develop a work plan for MIWP-11/12/18 based on Workshop outcomes and to propose how actions could be achieved (e.g. through MIG sub-group, contracts, ...)

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