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MIWP-15: Overview of INSPIRE coordinating structures, architectures and tools

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The role of coordinating structures in different MS needs to be better understood. Some Agencies in some countries try to monopolise the process without having yet the legal and/or the operational power to do it. As a result some countries are not connected to the geo-portal for a lack of internal governance.

Furthermore, where possible, an overview of the used architecture, software and tools for INSPIRE implementation in the MS would be useful.

Proposed change or action:

Use the MIG to better understand the “architecture” of each MS, i.e. who is doing what and how (including the technical architecture). This could be done through questionnaires or surveys on different topics. The results should be made publicly available on the INSPIRE web site.

Organisational set-up:

MIG representatives


Overview pages/maps on the organisation, architectures, software and tools used for INSPIRE implementation in the MS.

Possible funding:

JRC institutional / competitive budget


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Status 2014-09-04:
  • There are not yet any formal MIG activities addressing this task.
  • A presentation series to exchange good practices and issues from national INSPIRE implementations has been proposed and will be further discussed at the London MIG-T meeting.

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