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MIWP-17: Data and service sharing & licencing models

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The basic requirements for data and service sharing are already defined in the INSPIRE Directive Article 17. This Article provides also the basis for the Implementing Rule - COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 268/2010 of 29 March 2010 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the access to spatial data sets and services of the Member States by Community institutions and bodies under harmonised conditions. In addition to the legal basis, two supporting documents are available: (1) guidelines to the Commission Regulation by promoting the INSPIRE licencing models and (2) good practice document on implemented licencing approaches and models.

There is a wide variety of approaches on data and service sharing arrangements in the countries. The overview of such arrangements are provided in the INSPIRE country reports every 3 years. The constraints related to access and use of spatial data sets and services (conditions applying to access and use, limitations on public access) should also be provided in metadata for spatial data sets and services based on the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation.

The users as well as data and service providers need clear understanding of the conditions to share, access and use of spatial data sets and services. The data and service sharing could also benefit from the standardization of licences, the use of technology (for example: machine readable licences, electronic authentication and authorization) and the reduction of other barriers expressed by the countries in their country reports.

The proposed actions are focused on the data and service providers’ and users’ (stakeholders) needs, standardization and awareness rising about the licencing approaches.

Proposed change or action:

  • Test case from the stakeholders’ perspective to have clear understanding of the conditions for sharing, access and use of spatial data sets and services (using metadata from INSPIRE geoportal and assess information related to access and use, including links to related licences):
  • Assessment of current use and clarity of conditions to access and use of spatial data sets and services (types of different licences)
  • Explore links and relations to INSPIRE licencing models (INSPIRE Guidelines) and existing licences (e.g. CC and others established in the MS)
  • Test case on licencing approaches - to match individual licences (random samples) against INSPIRE licencing (including discussions with licence providers):
  • Propose approaches for harmonisation and standardisation of licence environment within INSPIRE
  • Provide generic licence examples based on INSPIRE licences (focus on basic licence)
  • To organise a workshop and raise awareness of INSPIRE licencing models and data and service sharing practice in different countries – proposed as part of the INSPIRE conference 2014
  • Explore how the outcomes of the ARE3NA project and MIWP-3 can benefit to more transparent use of licencing models and direct access to data and services (depends on the roadmap of ARE3NA project ad MIWP-3 activities)

Organisational set-up:

Establish a MIG sub-group to address the issue.


  • Assessment and test case result
  • Dedicated workshop at INSPIRE conference
  • Report: potential use of AAA for INSPIRE data and service sharing

Possible funding:

  • JRC institutional / competitive budget
  • MS funding


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Status 2014-09-04:

  • Initial discussion about the situation and potential actions related to licencing and data and service sharing arrangements started with the participants of the MIG meeting on 9-10 April 2014.
  • There are not yet any formal MIG activities for this task.

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