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MIWP-19 Explore and improvement on the situation of controlled vocabularies in the framework of INSPIRE

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Controlled vocabularies (in the following COV) provide commonly agreed content and terms for elements within a conceptual model. This contains thesauri but also code lists, ontologies, glossaries and other sematic repositories. The controlled vocabulary itself is a knowledge model with a specific view and abstraction of reality related to the purpose of its development.

Within conceptual models COV are used to enable a common understanding of meanings and terms and therefore a degree of semantic interoperability. They help to ensure data quality on provider’s side and support the data discovery and integration process on user’s side.

In the context of INSPIRE the main issue known is the use of COV for keywords in metadata in order to provide a more accurate description than the sole theme name taken from GEMET (Commission Regulation (EC) No 1205/2008 of 3 December 2008 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards metadata). Here we are currently facing two major issues.
  • GEMET was developed as environmental multilingual thesaurus long before INSPIRE Directive became law. The annex themes of the INSPIRE Directive are touching areas which are out of scope for GEMET as they aren’t related to environmental topics (such as road network, buildings, administrative units, etc.) and only included as INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes which aren’t integrated in the thesauri. Furthermore GEMET is also rather flat in some other areas, such as geology, where the terminology provided might not be deep enough for proper data set descriptions.
  • Other COV beside GEMET are barely known, difficult to access and search. Some relations to EuroVoc or AgroVoc exist already but furthermore there is no COV (more broader or deeper) integrated or linked.

Proposed change or action:

  • Research and list COVs which cover at least parts of the INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes
  • Explore options how COV can contribute to INSPIRE semantic interoperability (metadata or data specifications)
  • Explore options how and if metadata creation can be improved in terms of COV
    • How search for keywords across COV can be enabled.
    • How INSPIRE community can participate in further development of COV.
    • If GEMET can be extended by identified COV (vertically and horizontally) and when this should happen.
    • Explore business cases for COV within INSPIRE beyond metadata.
  • Integrate or link identified further COVs with GEMET

Organisational set-up:

Establish a MIG sub-group to address the issue.


  • Specifications and proof of concept of an IT tool allowing for a federated search across COV of relevance for INSPIRE
  • Policy about eligibility of COVs for inclusion in this federated search or inclusion in existing COVs such as GEMET
  • Report: Potential business cases for COV within INSPIRE
  • Workshop or talks at the INSPIRE conference to address this issue

Possible funding:

  • TBD


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Status 2014-09-04:
  • There are not yet any formal MIG activities for this task.
  • Work package scope were discussed at MIG-T meetings in Arona (April 2014) and Aalborg (June 2014)
  • ToR were drafted and discussed in the MIG-T (#2165); Further update of the ToR after endorsement of work-program

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