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Workshop on WCS-based INSPIRE download services and coverages

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On 14-15 October 2014, we will hold a workshop in Ispra with interested countries and technical experts on WCS-based INSPIRE download services and coverages (see draft agenda here). The idea of the workshop is to bring together providers and users of coverage data who have experience in managing and serving different types of coverages.

The workshop should cover at least the following topics:
  • Mapping requirements of the Network Services IRs to the WCS specification
  • Implementation experiences and potential issues with using the WCS for delivering INSPIRE coverage data
  • Discussion of coverage-related issues (encoding, formats, relation to D2.9)
  • Relation to OGC Met/ocean WCS profile
  • Planning of road map and next steps for WCS/coverage-related INSPIRE TGs

Please propose additional topics you would like to see discussed.

Please also nominate experts to attend the meeting. The target participants should ideally have one or more of the following fields of expertise:

  • Provision, maintenance and usage of coverage data which falls within the scope of one or more of the INSPIRE data themes
  • Knowledge of INSPIRE data specifications of relevant data themes (Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical Features, Elevation, Geology, Mineral Resources, Orthoimagery, Soil, etc.)
  • Familiarity with the INSPIRE legislation and documentation, most of all related to network services & spatial data services
  • Knowledge of OGC standards (mainly WCS, but also WFS, WMS, GML)
  • Experience in WCS implementation

Please specify for each nominated expert (by 15 September):

WCS/coverage experience: (Experience in the development, deployment or usage of coverage data and/or WCS)
Motivation: (A short motivation statement indicating why the expert wants to participate and what he/she would like to discuss and/or contribute)

The JRC will be able to provide reimbursement of travel expenses for around 15 experts.


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Michael - The UK propose that two of our experts from the pool of experts attend the meeting.

Dr Tim Duffy and James Passmore both from the BGS. I will need to let Tim provide you the details on his and James's expertise - but Tim is on leave at present.

Alex Ramage

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Proposed by JRC:

Name: Peter Baumann
Affiliation: Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
WCS/coverage experience: editor of OGC coverage standards suite; WCS suite implementation; WCS test bed
Motivation: harmonization between OGC & INSPIRE

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Applications from the pool of experts:

Affiliation: Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC) – Regional Mapping Agency of Catalonia, SPAIN.
  • Editor of the INSPIRE Data specifications for the Elevation and Transport Networks themes.
  • Close knowledge of the INSPIRE Data specifications for the Orthoimagery theme.
  • Member of the corresponding national working groups for the implementation of INSPIRE in Spain (CODIIGE WGs).
  • Member of the INSPIRE and Quality Knowledge Exchange Networks of EuroGeographics (INSPIRE KEN and Q-KEN).
WCS/coverage experience:
  • Development and deployment of WCS providing access to the corporate Digital Elevation Models of my organization (DTM 15 metres / DTM 5 metres) in ICGC.
  • Personal experience in the use of the above-mentioned WCS.
  • Analysis and application of the requirements from the INSPIRE Network Services technical guidelines to evaluate conformity of corporate geoservices.
  • Analysis and application of ISO/OGC geographic information standards in my organization.
Motivation: I would be willing to participate in the workshop in order to share common issues and challenges regarding the implementation and use of WCS data (especially for the application to large scale orthoimagery data) with other developers / data providers, discover advantages and drawbacks of other encoding ways for coverage data, as well as gain knowledge about the future evolution of the INSPIRE Download Services technical guidelines and the potential links with O&M. In case of my attendance to the WCS workshop, I would be able to contribute:
  • Showing the experience of my organization regarding the implementation of WCS accessing to elevation data (technical architecture implemented, functional and performance issues experienced, feedback from users).
  • Providing knowledge about the requirements from the INSPIRE Data Specification for the Elevation theme.

Name: Simon Jirka
Affiliation: 52°North
WCS/coverage experience: At 52°North we have undertaken some efforts in investigating the combined usage of WCS and SOS. The idea of these activities was to put an SOS and WCS interface on the same data source and to use the functionalities of both interfaces for those purposes they are best suited for: WCS for serving coverages, and SOS for serving time-variant point data extracted from these coverages.
Motivation: After being involved in the design of a proposal how the OGC SOS might be used as an INSPIRE Download service, I would be happy to be involved in the discussions how this can also be achieved for the WCS. My main interests comprise the alignment of the approaches for WCS and SOS and the idea of hybrid approaches combining WCS and SOS to serve different types of data originating from a common data source.

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France propose as expert for this workshop:
  • Name: Marie Lambois
  • E-mail:
  • Affiliation: IGN-F
  • Expertise: IGN provides some coverages data (elevation and orthoimagery) that could be served by WCS. At a national level, I am responsible for writing French guidelines on INSPIRE network services implementation. I am also an OGC contributor, involved in some web services SWG and a DGIWG contributor (DGIWG is currently writing a WCS 2.0 profile).
  • Contributions: Provide my knowledge on standards and INSPIRE guidelines.

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Proposed by Finland:

  • Name: Jukka Rahkonen
  • E.mail:
  • Affiliation: Information centre of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, Finland
  • WCS/coverage experience:
  • Administrator of WCS (MapServer) service for aerial photos (>12 TB) since 2008.
  • Administrator of WMS (MapServer) services for +300 layers since 2008.
  • Assisting administrator of WFS-T (GeoServer) services since 2006.
  • Involved in WCS, WMS and WFS server and client development as Program Steering Committee member of GeoServer (2012-) and GDAL (2013-) projects.

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Nomination from Finland:

Name: Ilkka Rinne
Affiliation: Chief Technology Officer, Consultant in OGC/INSPIRE implementation technologies

WCS/coverage experience: Several years of experience in design and implementation of GML/Coverage data models for meteorological data covering weather radar, ground observation, radiosonde sounding and numerical prediction model data sets; Expert member of the INSPIRE TWG AC-MF; Author of the Annex B of INSPIRE Data Specification framework document D2.9: "Discussion Paper on Out-of-Band Results"; Active member in meteorological coverage related discussions in the OGC (MetOcean DWG); Hand-on experience in implementing gridded data visualizations of numerical meteorological data sets as WMS layers using Open Source software and libraries (Geotools, Geoserver).

Motivation: Eager to create more practical solutions for delivering coverage data INSPIRE sets. In good position to share the good solutions to many coverage data providers as an INSPIRE consultant of a commercial spatial web services company.

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Application from the pool of experts:

  • Name: Olav Peeters
  • Affiliation: Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL - CELINE)
  • WCS/coverage experience: Limited WCS experience. We do however manage several large coverage datasets (high resolution air quality modelling - both regular and irregular grids) which should ideally also be made available as WCS in the future, but we have not yet found the right occasion for this. Currently I manage a WMS service (Geoserver) of this data.
  • Motivation: The high resolution air quality maps we manage are a perfect test cases for INSPIRE specifications for WCS. Since we have been involved in implementing other INSPIRE downloading and viewing services in the past we have a good idea of what needs to be done for WCS. For us it would also be interesting to exchange ideas about the technical difficulties of serving coverages with experts from other environmental domains.

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Nomination from the UK:

  • Name: Dr Tim Duffy
  • E-mail:
  • Affiliation: British Geological Survey
  • WCS/coverage experience: Volunteered to be one of the leads on adding WCS section to downloads services TG many months ago at MIG. Involved with earthserver project and getting WCS up and running for INSPIRE compliant OneGeology inititive. Hva already looked into this and its applicability with colleague James Passmore
  • Motivation: Many annex II and III themes can best have dataset web services expressed in WCS form.

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Nomination from the UK:

  • Name: James Passmore
  • eMail:
  • Affiliation: British Geological Survey (BGS)
  • WCS/coverage experience: Actively involved in the EU FP7 EarthServer project (, as part of the BGS lighthouse application to provide access to Terabytes of coverage data through OGC WCS and WCPS services; as part of this activity, filed many tickets to ensure that the software was as conformant as possible to the current INSPIRE download services documentation. As one of the BGS SDI technical experts I have hands-on knowledge of using multiple software (Rasdaman, ArcGIS, MapServer, GeoServer, GeoNetwork) to provision OGC and INSPIRE compliant services.
  • Motivation: Discuss errors/issues in the circulated 'WCS as Candidate INSPIRE Download Service for Coverage Data' document, offer a live demonstration of an INSPIRE compliant WCS 2.0.1 service to the meeting. Harmonization and clarity of download services technical guidelines.

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France propose as expert for this workshop:

  • Name: Arnaud Cauchy
  • E-mail:
  • Affiliation: French Mandated Expert in INSPIRE Network Services Drafting Team (formally Airbus Defence & Space).
  • Expertise: INSPIRE IR, OGC Standard (contributor WCS2.0, co-chair WPS2, member of ESA HMA-S)
  • Contributions: As Data Provider under Delegation of Public Service for Pleiade, concrete experience of delivering coverage via the network, plus expertise in Download Services (both INSPIRE and OGC).

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Proposed by JRC:

Name: Ian Edwards
Affiliation: Met Office
WCS Experience: Geospatial specialist developing coverages and WCS services
Motivation: The Met Office has led the development of the WCS Met/Ocean profile and we would like to contribute to the development of technical guidelines on the use of WCS for INSPIRE. We would like to share examples of WCS services that we have implemented and demonstrate the use cases that these services address.

Ian has agreed to present the OGC Met/Ocean WCS profile at the meeting.

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Proposed by NO:

Name: Jarle Johan Pedersen
Organisation: Norwegian Mapping Authorities, Norway
WCS/Coverage experience:
  • Some experience with multispectral data and analysis thereof
  • User of GRASS GIS since 2007
  • User of GDAL since 2010
  • Administrator for WMS (Mapserver) services since 2010
  • Administrator for WCS (Mapserver) service for bathymetry/elevation-models since 2012
  • Administrator for WFS (Deegree) services since 2013

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