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New work package for the MIWP?: Technological developments - status and challenges

Added by Arvid Lillethun about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.



There are many very narrow work packages and corresponding working groups in the Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme organised by the MIG-T. At the same time we see that discussions in some of these working groups may have huge implications within the member states and affect both data delivery organisations and consumers of data and services. We also see that technologies change rapidly which affect Inspire. There is a need to lift up some of these discussions and discuss them at a more strategic level. The MIG-P is a part of the answer to this. The MIG-T should look for actions to facilitate this process.

We should discuss at the next MIG-T meeting the possibility to define a work package on "technological developments - status and challenges".

Some thoughts;
- some issues have been raised in the mid-term review but there is a need for a more continuous process of lifting up technological challenges
- an aim could be an annual report to the MIG-P produced by MIG-T
- a work packages should be defined
- the Commission should be in charge of the writing and should use necessary resources and personnel
- The MIG-T members should participate or a working group would be formed

I miss more discussions on issues like
- APIs: WFS, WCS, SOS and other upcoming used more generally on the web, e.g. rest-APIs
- Formats: GML contra other formats used more generally on the web, e.g. jSon , geoJson etc
- Semantic technologies: The development of such technologies, publishing URIs, RDF etc
- Complex data structures of simplified ones; The complex uml models contra data in more flattened structures
- Facilitation of national needs at the same time as facilitating cross-boundary and overall European needs – how to cope with both
- There are possibly many other issues too

Arvid Lillethun

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