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MIWP-8 (I) Language neutral identifiers

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*WIKI:* https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/projects/metadata/wiki/MIWP-8_(I)_Language_neutral_identifiers Clarify where texts in metadata is only an identifier using English text like Topic Category Codes (e.g. health) or Spatial Data Service type (e.g. view) or where they should actually be translated to the metadata language (e.g. values for UseLimitation ) This is not clearly documented in TG metadata right now.


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Geraldine Nolf (Flanders - Belgium): Now you have 2 options to implement: Only translate in your language in the application to make metadata; but save in the XML the terms in English. Or translate both in the application and XML in your own language; effect ==> EU has to allow this.

Geraldine, do I understand you correct that right now it should be valid to store values for eg. Conditions for Acess and Use in either in English or in the metadata language and that both are valid currently?  And that this should validate in EU Portal right now?

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From enduser's point of view the medatada language should be consistent. Furthermore the IR mostly contain translated versions and official terms in each language.
For the implementation codelists are very helpful. One or more clear suggestions would be helpful to solve also validation issues. 


Issues on "Specification" Part B 7.1

In Austria we have in most cases the same entry, but so many validation issues, because of different spelling or spelling mistakes. Parsing free text seems not to be the best solution. 
A codelist, a registry could be helpful.

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