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Examples of INSPIRE-compliant WFS 2.0 direct download services

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In the framework of the current developments of the INSPIRE Geoportal, our contractor is currently working on the integration of access to INSPIRE download services. For this task, the contractor is looking for "good" examples of INSPIRE-compliant WFS 2.0 Direct download services.

We would therefore welcome pointers to such example(s) if you have set this up in your national INSPIRE infrastructure.

Less urgent, but also welcome, would be similar examples for hybrid atom/WFS download services.


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The Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre is running INSPIRE compliant download services for „Cadastral Parcels“, „Addresses“ and „Administrative Units“ themes. Detailed information you can find on
For these themes we run both WFS 2.0.0 Direct download services and download services with pre-prepared data sets. All these services are available free of charge and no password is required. Hybrid atom/WFS download services are being prepared for the ELF project and will be available by the end of this year.
If you need some additional information, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Jiri Polacek

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Dear Michael,

Below, I have written our INSPIRE WFS URLs:







We are very interested to know your experiences with our INS download services (I think almost nobody is using them currently).

Best regards,
Emilio López Romero

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Hi Michael,

We are waiting for ArcGIS Server 10.3 for publication of direct access download services on the National INSPIRE Geoportal. We are running on Esri and current version 10.2.2 still doesn't support WFS 2.0.

Once Esri releases 10.3, we have a testing instance of AGS 10.3 running, and if everything works fine, we start publishing of INSPIRE compliant WFS 2.0 services. I guess we start with CORINE as it is our data and we can publish it without any further permission.

After starting that service we will be happy to share its URL with you.

However our colleagues from the National mapping agency already have their WFS 2.0 INSPIRE compliant services running, please find the list here: http://geoportal.cuzk.cz/%28S%28qrg4dzutbq1bba5wg12zqsji%29%29/Default.aspx?mode=TextMeta&side=wfs.INSPIRE&text=wfs.INSPIRE&head_tab=sekce-03-gp&menu=334

Best regards,
Jiri Kvapil

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I have learned, that other download services has been launched by the Land Survey Office recently.
List of available WFS services:
• Download Services for INSPIRE theme Cadastral parcels (CP): http://services.cuzk.cz/wfs/inspire-cp-wfs.asp?
• Download Services for INSPIRE theme Addresses (AD): http://services.cuzk.cz/wfs/inspire-ad-wfs.asp?
• Download Services for INSPIRE theme Administrative Units (AU): http://services.cuzk.cz/wfs/inspire-au-wfs.asp?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Geographical Names (GN): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_GN/WFService.aspx?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Hydrography (HY): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_HY/WFService.aspx?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Transport Networks-AIR (TN_AIR): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_TN_AIR/WFService.aspx?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Transport Networks-CABLE (TN_CABLE): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_TN_CABLE/WFService.aspx?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Transport Networks-RAIL (TN_RAIL): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_TN_RAIL/WFService.aspx?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Transport Networks-ROAD (TN_ROAD): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_TN_ROAD/WFService.aspx?
• INSPIRE download service for the theme Transport Networks-WATER (TN_WATER): http://geoportal-inspirewfs.cuzk.cz/WFS_INSPIRE_TN_WATER/WFService.aspx?

Download Services for on-line access to harmonized INSPIRE data sets are published according to the standard OGC WFS 2.0.0 and they enable download individual INSPIRE data themes harmonized according to the Directive 1089/2010/EC, in GML 3.2.1 format.
The services fulfil technical guidances for INSPIRE download services version 3.1.

Examples of applications for exploitation of the services are listed here.

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