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MIWP-8 (J) Metadata for SDS Category TG SDS 4.5.1

Added by Ine de Visser over 5 years ago.

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*WIKI:* https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/projects/metadata/wiki/MIWP-8_(J)_Metadata_for_SDS Update TG Metadata with the extended elements defined for Spatial Data Services The extended elements for SDS are now defined and it is suggested that an implementation of these is defined in the TG using an extension to EN ISO 19115:2005 /ISO 19119:2005

A metadata element "category" as specified in Annex A shall indicate if the spatial data service is Invocable, Interoperable or Harmonised. In order to describe the Spatial Data Service Conformity Class in a machine readable way, the standard [ISO 19115]/[ISO 19119] has to be extended. Therefore, this element has to be provided if the Spatial Data Service is invocable, interoperable or harmonised.


  1. Update TG MD with this element,
  2. give examples, explain relation with service type,explain condition, ...
  3. provide a codelist


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Copied from MIWP-8: Metadata - Task #2219: MIWP-8 (J) Metadata for SDS Submitted 17 Sep 2014

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