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Discussion #2318: MIWP-6 - Identification and documentation of use cases for Registries and Registers

Use Case D Search for an existing feature catalogue/uml model item

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Use Case D Search for an existing feature catalogue/uml model item
Name Search for an existing feature catalogue/uml model item
Primary Actor INSPIRE Data Provider, User

1.For Data provider: To provide unique reference and further information about existing  feature catalogue/uml model item with reusable and semanticly fitting description (feature object, attributes, association, constraint values)

2. For data user: Provides easy interface to search any INSPIRE UML model item (including federated extensions) and access detailed information.

System under consideration

1. Human grafical user interface (GUI): Registry GUI (e.g. detail of spatial object with attributes), HTML snapshots of UML model (e.g. those generated from Enterprise architects)

2. Machine readable interface: Registry service, WFS and/or predefined dataset; Registry federation, RDF

Importance high
Description A data provider wants to provide a dataset according to the INSPIRE data specifications which requires spatial object/ an attribute or association defined in extended part of the INSPIRE UML model. For that purpose the provider accesses the registry federation to discover UML model extensions (including their values) published and used by other provider before. 
Pre-Condition Registry federation is operative; National, domain specific extentions of the INSPIRE UML model have been published.
Post-Condition Relevant extensions of the INSPIRE UML model has been discovered and data provider refers to it from it's data set.


Use Case D - Flow of Events

Step 1

Data provider enters search request in a registry entry point  

Step 2 Search request is being distributed within the registry federation and processed
Step 3 Search results are returned to the user
Step 4 Data provider evaluates results and take decision if they fit for purpose (reuse of existing extended INSPIRE UML model item) or not (creation of new INSPIRE UML model domain/national extension item) 


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