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Draft document on SDS interpretation

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At the Madrid MIG-T meeting, several points related to SDS were presented for discussion and agreement. It was agreed to elaborate these points in a document and present it to the EC for agreement.

Spatial Data Services_v0.4.1.docx (1.07 MB) Michael Lutz, 06 May 2015 10:03 am

Spatial Data Services_v0.7.1_MIG-T.pdf (1.33 MB) Michael Lutz, 26 Aug 2015 07:49 pm

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#1 Updated by Michael Lutz over 5 years ago

The attached document (v0.4.1) was sent out to the MIG-T for review on 30/4/2015.

Dear colleagues,

please find attached a discussion paper aiming a clarifying several aspects related to Spatial Data Services, elaborated by Christina Wasström and Nordic colleagues based on our discussions in the MIG-T meetings in Madrid and today. This document, once endorsed, will serve as a basis for updating the TGs on SDS.

We invite you all to review the document and provide comments back to Christina, preferably directly in the Word document, using tracked changes or comments. Deadline for feedback: Monday, 18 May.

Christina will then prepare an updated version for discussion and, hopefully, endorsement at the meeting in Lisbon.

Thanks & best regards,
Christina & Michael

P.S. I will shortly send out another SDS-related document related to several concrete issues related to the metadata elements for SDS. Please make sure to review and provide feedback on both documents!

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Dear Colleagues,

As agreed in Lisbon,  a small group will finalise the white paper document. If you would like to contribute to that final version, please let me know before the Swedish midsummer (19/6). When the group is established a date for a web meeting will be set.

Best regards Christina

#3 Updated by Michael Lutz over 5 years ago

V0.7.1 of the SDS dicuscussion paper (attached) has been submitted to the MIG-T for discussion at the virtual meeting on 27 August 2015.

#4 Updated by Alex Ramage about 5 years ago


Thank you for all the work that you have put into this paper. 

We have noted that there are some typographical errors within the document which we are sure will be fixed in due course.

We are also slightly concerned that the with paragraph 3 on page 4 that starts:

"If a Member State (MS) already has a Network service for a specific theme, e.g. download service,"

We feel that this paragraph needs to be read in conjunction with the Article 1(1) of the Directive which limits the scope of what services may be caught as part of the "invocable SDS".


Alex Ramage


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Chrstina Wasström presented the progress made by a small group of MIG-T and MIWP-8 experts on the SDS discussion paper and an updated version of the SDS TGs at the MIG-T meeting on 29/10/2015.

The discussion paper ist not yet in its final version, yet work has already started in parallel on integrating the content of the discussion paper and the agreements from MIWP-8 on SDS metadata into an updated version of the SDS TGs.

The group decided to finalise the discussion paper anyway because it can be a useful document on its own. The final version will not include examples; instead the group proposes to examine the SDS examples included in the 2016 monitoring data and to select some examples from the reported SDS.

Both the discussion paper and the proposed TG update will be sent out to the MIG-T in early November for comments to be sent by the end of November. The aim is to discuss any comments received and endorse (if possible) the document at Rome meeting.

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See v1.0rc1 (release candidate 1) in @2610.

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