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Communication within INSPIRE

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Communication within INSPIRE


Dear colleagues,


I would like to follow-up our discussion on communication processes within INSPIRE, which we had on the last MIG-T meeting in Madrid, 12/03/2015. Please find attached the slides presented in Madrid for this purpose.

Our recent discussions have highlighted that communication within INSPIRE as general topic is perceived as a field with potential for improvement. On the other hand the discussions showed that it seems to be difficult to clearly identify and isolate the specific communication issues or challenges within the INSPIRE implementation process. Following the discussions we had in 2014 (in Arona and in London) EEA volunteered to start and facilitate a process with the goal to identify communication issues related to the implementation and use of INSPIRE.


Scope of activity

  1. To identify communication processes which present on risk or obstacle to the successful implementation and use of INSPIRE
  2. To further identify issues in terms of communication which are common or general in several countries
  3. To report these common issues to MIG T/P in order to decide on which level these issues can be handled best (national or European level)

This activity aims not at developing a "communication strategy" for INSPIRE, but it rather aims at identifying communication issues in the first place. Potential actions such as the development of a "joint communication strategy" might become follow-up actions if this is seen as relevant by the MIG.



In order to identify communication issues which are relevant for MIG T/P we have chosen a approach with a holistic base which includes several levels of structuring and classification. More details on the approach can be found in the attached ppt.


  • Stage 1: Definition of what is actually needed for successful implementation and user uptake of INSPIRE
    • Model/Classification of conditions for successful implementation and use of INSPIRE
    • For framing and structuring the communication processes
    • e.g. Awareness-Top-Level Management
  • Stage 2: Based on stage 1 - definition of communication processes related to the INSPIRE Needs
    • Define the function of communication processes related to the INSPIRE Needs
    • e.g. Inform top-level management on financial needs, legal obligation and benefits of INSPIRE
  • Stage 3: Based on stage 2 - Survey on priorisation of communication processes and identification of communication issues
  • Stage 4: Based on stage 3 - Select communication issues which are of relevance for the MIG level and where the MIG T/P can provide support

The preliminary result of Stage 1 and Stage 2 is collected in the following Google-Document. This document shall provide a structure for a following survey in which we would like to ask you for your experiences, view or issues and ongoing activities regarding communication and INSPIRE. Your comments on this document, remarks and suggestions are highly appreciated!


Next steps and MIG involvement

  1. Please review the Google-Document listing the needs and related communication processes we identified for INSPIRE implementation!
    • This framework shall be used to derive and classify the actual communication issues in the next step.
    • Please provide feedback till 10th of April 2015! Thank you very much!:-)
  2. We will start a online-survey which uses the above discussed framework in order to: 
    • Get your view on the priority of the communication processes.
      • Which communication processes do you perceive as most urgent for INSPIRE implementation and use?
    • Get the communication related issues and challenges you experience.
      • Which of the communication processes do you perceive as well functioning and where do you perceive problems/challenges?
    • Learn more about ongoing communication activities/tasks in your country. 

We hope to conduct the online-survey from end of April till beginning of May 2015. It will be send to you as MIG representatives (MIG T and P) and we would be glad if you would support us in providing your feedback and to share the survey with your stakeholder networks. 

Thank you very much in advance! We will use this issue to inform and update you on the progress.


Best regards on behalf of the EEA-INSPIRE team

Christian Ansorge

Comm_INSPIRE_madrid_v0.pptx - Communication within INSPIRE - Slides presented at the MIG-T meeting in Madrid 12/03/2015 (656 KB) Christian Ansorge, 25 Mar 2015 05:30 pm

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