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Synchronize och verify changes done in Update of TG Metadata with other TGs

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There are a number of changes undergoing in the TG Metadata document that will have impact on other specifications.
How should these be coordinated ?
We could just create the draft of the TG and then wait for responses.
But it would instead be better if we could get feedback in a earlier stage.

Since the release cycle is different between these documents we will have a new TG Metadata which will actually replace some parts
of the Data Specifications (regarding some parts of metadata).
How can we make a user reading a Data Specification aware of that some parts are now replaced by contents in the TG Metadata.

There may already be a process for this in the MIG-t already, but I just lift the question here so we don't loose it.


Some of the changes/updates we work on are:


Coordinate reference system
We now change to require the use of a Http URI Identifier instead of code/codespace as ISO19115 recommends.
This is a change from current DS's since these uses instead codespace:code

In Data specification this element have been used to document specific Application Schemas for each dataspecification.
MIWP8 have changed this to only be used to document the actual format/encoding which is is eg GML, Shape or csv.

Descriptive quality reports.
As the ISO19115-1 and ISO19157 is only implemented in few member states the TG Metadata does not handle these new standards.
So all references to thoose should be removed or commented. In TG Metadata the main candidate right now for handling this element will be using the Lineage elament.

Discovery Services

We may change requirements for Coupled Resources so that the GetRecords request is mandatory.



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