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ISO 19139 Profiles in INSPIRE

Added by Angelo Quaglia about 5 years ago.

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We have received an enquiry about whether metadata encoded with the SeaDataNet profile, a compliant profile of ISO 19139, are supposed to validate successfully in the INSPIRE Geoportal Validator, something that currently does not happen.

The issues relate to the following aspects: 

  • xml schema validation
  • xpath expressions
  • codeList URIs

Schema validation

The schema definition file is available at http://www.seadatanet.org http://schemas.seadatanet.org/Standards-Software/Metadata-formats/SDN2_CDI_ISO19139_10.0.0.xsd

The Geoportal validator performs the schema validation against the original ISO 19139 schemas, so the validation fails because the SeaDataNet profile redefines (correctly via extension and substition groups) xml elements relevant for INSPIRE, for example:

    <xs:complexType name="SDN_DataIdentification_Type">
            <xs:documentation>Standardized resource reference</xs:documentation>
            <xs:extension base="gmd:MD_DataIdentification_Type">
                    <xs:element name="additionalDocumentation" type="sdn:SDN_Citation_PropertyType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
                <xs:attribute ref="gco:isoType" fixed="MD_DataIdentification_Type" use="required"/>
    <xs:element name="SDN_DataIdentification" type="sdn:SDN_DataIdentification_Type" substitutionGroup="gmd:MD_DataIdentification"/>

For example, an instance document might contain something like the following:

               <sdn:SDN_DataIdentification gco:isoType="MD_DataIdentification_Type">

Because of the way in which XML schema validation works, the validator needs to be aware of the schema definition files against which a metadata document has to be validated.


XPath expressions

The XPath expressions described at https://github.com/inspire-eu-validation/ats-metadata still work, for example:



This because of the wildcards which make it possible to skip the redefined elements like sdn:SDN_DataIdentification 

However, the validator does not use wildcards but full paths, so it is unable to extract most of the values


codeList URIs

codeList attributes point to codelists different from the ISO ones but that in part clone the original types:

               <gmd:MD_ScopeCode codeList="http://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/isoCodelists/sdnCodelists/gmxCodeLists.xml#MD_ScopeCode"


The validator currently does not check codeList URIs but this might be relevant for other validators



Related issues

Related to MIWP-8: Metadata - Support #2459: Using references to a code list in <gmd:organizationName> New 25 Jun 2015
Copied from 2016.3 Validation & conformity - Task #2463: ISO 19139 Profiles in INSPIRE New 26 Jun 2015

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