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Collect INSPIRE schema extensions and best practices

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Dear colleagues,

In Madrid my Darja and I brought up the topic of extensions of INSPIRE schemas and as result of the discussion we decided to start (among others) a collection of already existing extensions of INSPIRE schemas.

I would again suggest to use a very simple form to collect and structure the information, which can still be adjusted later. If you are aware of INSPIRE schema extensions in you domain, community or country, which are available to the public please let us know and provide us the information in the simple form below.

This ticket replaces #2362 which is now closed.

Thank you very much!

Best regards



Title Title
URL of schema  
Publisher/Contact Point  
URL of portal or guidelines Are there guidelines explaining the extension available? Is the extension embedded in a portal where it is used or more information can be found?
INSPIRE Themes extended/reused e.g. PS, AU


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Title Ambient air quality
URL of schema http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/schemaset/id2011850eu-1.0
Publisher/Contact Point EEA
URL of portal or guidelines http://www.eionet.europa.eu/aqportal
Abstract Reporting on ambient air quality for Directives 2004/107/EC and 2008/50/EC
INSPIRE Themes extended/reused EF, AU, AM, OMPR

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URL of schema


Publisher/Contact Point

ELF project / http://elfproject.eu/contact

URL of portal or guidelines


Modelling guidelines:



The ELF data specifications (ELF DS) describe the conceptual data model for creating harmonised cross-border, cross-theme and cross-resolution pan-European reference data from national contributions. Thus, the ELF DS are important to ensure a coordinated approach regarding harmonisation of the NMCA’s data and services in matters of content, geometric resolution and quality. When adopted by data providers the ELF provides INSPIRE compliant data for Europe. They accommodate an "NMCA profile for INSPIRE" at different levels of detail.


INSPIRE Themes extended/reused

Extended: AU, BU, GN, HY, LC, TN

Reused: AD, CP, EL, GE-HG, SR, PS

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Geographic information - Water Systems - Rules for national applications and for the Inspire hydrography theme

URL of schema


Publisher/Contact Point

Swedish standard institute SIS,  Patrick Lindén

URL of portal or guidelines



The standard adds features like a logical network describing watebodies relation to each other in terms of flowdirection, hierachy, and temporal relations. features can be desribe with or without geometry or even with many geometries for representation in different scales. The conceptual model describes the relation between places, surface and groundwaterbodies, catchments and systems thereof.

INSPIRE Themes extended/reused

Hy, Hy-p , ef

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Isn't this also covered by the activity around extensions (#2700) led by Michel Grothe? If, so I would propose to close it.

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Czech Republic does not have schema extension yet, but I'm currently working on extending CadastralParcels schema. Last year I have created XML schemas for application schemas BuildingsExtendedBase and BuildingsExtended2D, but that was no extension, only creating missing XML schemas. I can provide information for the future extension on CP:

|Title                                            |Parcels Extended|

|URL of Schema                            |Not known yet, probably http://services.cuzk.cz/xsd/inspire/cp-ext/1.0/|

|Publisher/Contact Point                 |At the moment me personally - Michal Med/michal.med@cuzk.cz|

|URL of portal or guidelines            |not known yet, but portal is geoportal.cuzk.cz|

|Abstract                                      |Schema is going to extend Cadastral Parcels application schema to cover all information available in the national system. The reason for creating extension is the need of publishing more detailed data in the internationally standardized way. Our current national data set on Parcels contains plenty of information, but uses non-harmonised and non-standardized format. The aim is to create a schema based on INSPIRE to cover the whole content of national data set.|

|INSPIRE Themes extended/reused |CP|

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Yes, it can be closed. But we should leave here a future contact point to whom to report extensions. For the time it is Thorsten Reitz as he works as contractor on this but who will it be in the future?

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Geonovum has commissioned wetransform to research and document patterns for data model extensions. Together with the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Groups, and supported by an expert group, the study looked into the following questions:

  • How can you extend INSPIRE data specifications in an uniform and standardised way?
  • Are we able - based on the currently best practices in Europe – to develop a standardised approach with patterns to extend the INSPIRE data models?

The results of the study are documented at http://inspire-extensions.wetransform.to/

Also available in: Atom PDF