Feature #2545

Anchor and xlink:href implementation

Added by Marie Lambois almost 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03 Nov 2015
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Marie Lambois% Done:


Target version:Release B


One task assigend to me in Malmö was to identify which metadata elements can be implemented as Anchors and which can be implement by-reference (using xlink:href). This is a first draft to be discussed:


Some metadata elements can be implemented as Anchors. Use cases:

  • Elements that are not implemented as codelists but that have a restrictive list as value domain. These elements can be implemented as an Anchor to reference the register where the list of values is maintained. (eg: keywords)
  • Elements that could need further information. The anchor reference is then used to point to a document providing further information. (eg: CI_Citation/title)
  • Elements that need to be automatically identified but that can be in multiple langages. The reference is used to provide the uniqueness of the identification. (eg : Limitations on public access)

The following elements could be considered for an Anchor implementation:

Spatial data service type

Keyword value



Limitations on public access

referenceSystemInfo/*/*/* /code





Some metadata elements can be implemented by reference, using x :link :href. Use cases:

  • A block of content is used in several metadata. It can then be stored in a register and used in metadata. This helps avoiding errors in metadata and helps in the maintenance (eg: PointOfContact)
  • A fixed block of content is suggested in the TG. This will make unnecessary to repeat it everywhere and make easier to automatically identify that block. The block will then be stored in the INSPIRE register.

The following elements could be considered for a by-reference implementation:

Originating controlled vocabulary



Responsible party

Metadata point of contact



Quality measures (name, description)

Content information (Feature catalogue description)

SV_ OperationMetadata/parameters




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