Corrigendum #2580

GN - add reference name and population figure for PopulatedPlace

Added by Anja Hopfstock almost 5 years ago.

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Using INSPIRE data for cartographic purposes, namely to carry out the BaseMap. However, dealing with GN data was quite difficult:
- a named place may have several names [1..*] but for mapping purposes, it's better to display a very small number of names (ideally, just one).
- named places may be more or less important; this importance will be used both to select relevant named places according the zoom level and to define relevant size of the name labels according to the importance of the named place. Current INSPIRE models only include attribues most/lessdetailedViewingResolution that are subject to interpretation and might be filled in very different ways


Add following attribute information
- in data type GeographicalName, include an attribute reference (for the small subset of names to be preferably displayed on maps)
- in feature type NamedPlace, add an attribute "population" that would provide the importance of populated places in an objective way


Justification: ELF project - visualisation should always be considered


Idea is not supported by TWG chair (Andreas Illert) and GN-expert from Finland

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