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General - Provide reference to a register for locales

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Instead of national registers a European register for LocalisedCharacterString::locales should be used


Add in INSPIRE codelist register or reference a commonly used register (e.g. IANA language sub-tag registry)


Citations from an Email by Clemens, 02 Oct 2008:
•Change the type of to LocalisedCharacterString. This is based on the fact that all names will have a language associated with them, but there will be only one language represented in any name. Therefore, LocalisedCharacterString is the appropriate type. PT_FreeText does not add any value as there would be also a single text group only.
•I will propose a change in the gazetteer model in the Generic Conceptual Model to change the type of geographicIdentifier back to CharacterString to better support gazetteers that do not use PT_FreeText for identifiers/names. In this context it may be worth to point out that both PT_FreeText and LocalisedCharacterString are subtypes of CharacterString. As a result, an instance of PT_FreeText or LocalisedCharacterString may in principle also be the value of a property that is modelled with a value type of CharacterString in the UML model.
•ISO 19139 promotes PT_Freetext . PT_freetext being subtype of char string the GCM is still consistent with the ISO


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