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GN - Revise code list for attribute "type" of feature type NamedPlace

Added by Anja Hopfstock almost 5 years ago.

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In case the evaluation of INSPIRE data specifications covers code lists, a possible item to be discussed is the applicability of the present code list of attribute “type” (harmonised feature type) of GN feature type NamedPlace.

In the UNGEGN Working Group of Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers discussion forum, one of the discussions concentrates on the possibilities and challenges of developing global or general classifications for named features.

Under item “Reference materials and classifications” there are (October 2015) 14 uploaded examples of different kinds of classifications, including the INSPIRE GN and EuroGeonames classifications. For possible considerations on the code list of attribute “type” of GN feature type NamedPlace, I refer to a discussion paper (Teemu Leskinen, TWG-GN, 2009, partly outdated) uploaded as reference material in 2012.



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Discussion paper on attribute “type” of INSPIRE GN feature type NamedPlace:

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