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Endorsing ELF extensions within INSPIRE

Added by Anja Hopfstock almost 5 years ago.

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A number of INSPIRE data themes is considered topographic reference data that is usually collected and maintained by National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities (NMCAs).

The ELF data specification aims at facilitating the interoperability of topographic, administrative and cadastral reference data according to the requirements set in the INSPIRE directive and to other user requirements at the European and global levels. It is, therefore, understood as the conceptual data model for creating harmonised cross-border, cross-theme and cross-resolution pan-European reference data from national contributions at different levels of detail. By specifying the information that is in the remit of the NMCAs and for which a European coverage is of interest the ELF data specification puts the INSPIRE obligations at cross-border and European level into practice, and accommodates an “NMCA profile for INSPIRE”.

According to national legislation other authorities than the NMCA are responsible for delivering INSPIRE.


If ELF would be endored by INSPIRE  it would be easier to justify that national implementations consider ELF when an NMCA is not the data provider.

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