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[Registry service support] General comments related to Registry service RC6

Added by Daniele Francioli almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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  1. In the homepage the search of terms is allowed but it only works with the English values although the application is running in Spanish. Terms in other languages are not retrieved and predictive text appears only in English.
  2. After the search and the display of the results, these appear with an empty brackets [] at the beginning and when clicking on them, the system goes to the page in the current online application (production, not the release candidate version).
  3. Some labels seem not have a theme assigned (it is repeated in: INSPIRE enumeration register, INSPIRE feature concept dictionary , Registro de esquemas de aplicación INSPIRE, Registro de listas codificadas INSPIRE)
  4. The filter box on the column “Anexo” is not useful because when we try to filter by “I” it shows all the elements, as it searches applying a filter “contains”. It would be more useful with a filter “equal to” or by a pull-down menu


#1 Updated by Daniele Francioli almost 5 years ago

  1. The multilingual search can now be tested also in the RC6 web site.
  2. The bugs related to the search will be solved when the RC6 will be available in production (we are using the production searching system for the RC).
  3. There is no reference to the themes bercause not all the terms are linked to a theme.
  4. The filters' text box support regular expression filtering. An help tooltip will be added with some example query. (example: this will find I and II but not III ^((?!III).)*$  )

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