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Provide an ElevationGridCoverage encoding example

Added by Jordi Escriu over 4 years ago.

Assignee:Robert Tomas
Target version:-
Corrigendum:Replace the GMLCOV example currently provided in Section – “Default encoding(s) for application schema ElevationGridCoverage (coverage data)” of TG on EL, with the following example prepared in collaboration of Thematic Cluster #3: -- See attached file --
Edit the full description of the example, replacing the text:
“EXAMPLE The following is a complete RectifiedGridCoverage instance (taken from [OGC 09-146r2]), using the base type RectifiedGridCoverage defined in the OGC GML Application Schema – Coverages available from”
With the following text proposal:
“EXAMPLE The following is a complete RectifiedGridCoverage instance showing an ElevationGridCoverage using GML multipart representation.”
Note that this example shall be placed at the same level of Section or at the level of the new subsection on “GML multipart representation” (newly proposed here -
INSPIRE document/system:TG EL [Data specification on Elevation]
Submitting Organisation: Discussion (link):



The GMLCOV encoding example provided in Section of TG on EL is taken directly from Section 6.7 of OGC 09-146r2 GML Application Schema, and it is addressing Radiance and not Elevation. Therefore it is not very useful in the TG on EL at implementation level.

Summary of discussion:

The discussion have been focused on the obtention and testing of a GMLCOV encoding example related to Elevations. The final example have been agreed taking into account different experiences on encoding of coverage data from those presented in the "Workshop about Transformation of Coverage-Based Data Themes and WCS" - Barcelona, 29-30 September 2015" -
This example will be completed in the future, e.g. with encoding of coverage aggregations, provision of rangeSet coverage values by using a WCS request.

Other options considered:

The selected GMLCOV encoding example related to Elevations has been drafted taking into account different implementation experiences / examples from Member States.

Justification for the proposed option:

The following changes have been proposed and agreed in the corresponding discussion thread in the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters collaboration platform in order to clarify the implementation.


EXAMPLE_INSPIRE-EL_revised_FINAL.gml (4.72 KB) Jordi Escriu, 10 Dec 2015 03:51 pm

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