Corrigendum #2649

Complete table of http URIs for the default CRS (Issue 3)

Added by Jordi Escriu over 4 years ago.

Assignee:Robert Tomas
Target version:-
Corrigendum:Check if there is any operative http URI for the ISA CRS (currently there is no http URI provided in EPSG). Consider to request EPSG to include it in the registry. INSPIRE document/system:================ Data specifications ====================, TG RS [Data specification on Coordinate reference systems]
Submitting Organisation: Discussion (link):Revision of the TG document by a member of the cluster.



Table 1 "http URIs for the default CRS" in Section 5.5 of TG on CRS v3.2 should be completed including an operative http URI for the ISA CRS (currently there is no http URI provided).

This proposal affects the common DS Template. Hence, potentially to all INSPIRE themes TGs.

Summary of discussion:

Issue discovered while analysing issue 2541 for the provision of Short name and http URI identifier for existing realizations of EVRS.

Other options considered:


Justification for the proposed option:

All valid INSPIRE CRS shall have a short name and a identifier.

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