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[Registry service support] Questions related to the URI case (codelists URI)

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For our inspire application we use the codelists of ' naturalResources' and 'prospectingAndMiningArea' which were located on '' and ''. Somehow our application errors on the place these codelists were allocated. Is there a chance you/the EU moved these codelists somewhere else? If so, where are they located now.


Doing some checks today, we have found out that INSPIRE codelist has changed from what was existed under INSPIRE portal (

The change is very small but has IMPORTANT consequences.*L*ist/... has changed to [uppper case L in codeList to lower case l in codelist]

Althought this might look trivial it is a problem...

Currently all QA accept .../codeList/...
Userguide uses .../codeList/...

Member states might start getting internal errors when generating XMLs because invalid URL...




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I think the error you have had may be related to the fact that you are using "codeList" rather than "codelist" in your URIs.

We have had some discussions about this recently with EEA and the ETC.

The URI of the INSPIRE registry which provides the codelists has always been in lower case (

But, as it had written wrongly ( in some of the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines, there had been a URI rewrite rule from the uppercase-URL to the original lowercase-URL. With the recent update of the INSPIRE registry, this rewrite rule had been disabled, but we have now put it in place again. So your URIs should work again now.

We have started discussions with EEA/ETC now about a possible revision of the relevant guidelines in order to point to the correct URIs, so that we can disable the redirect at some point in the future.


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