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Inform MIG-T about updated Geonetwork version supporting additional INSPIRE metadata elements

Added by Michael Lutz almost 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:18 Feb 2016
Priority:NormalDue date:31 May 2016
Assignee:Markus Jobst% Done:


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Implementation_TG_Metadata_examples.zip (20.8 KB) Markus Jobst, 30 Mar 2017 08:58 am


#1 Updated by Markus Jobst over 4 years ago

Dear colleagues,

we have received a Geonetwork version 3.0.4 prerelease that includes the SDS metadata following the latest version of TG. The code is supposed to be included in the core-geonetwork repository and has to be validated by the community.

The pull request (that contains the changes to be merged into the repository) is at https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/pull/1468

At the moment we're missing:

- Editor CC3: service invocation metadata. The service endpoints can be edited in other sections of the editor, but they'll be missing some of the INSPIRE codes.

- Schematron checking rules: These are simply an aid to the user, but the editing of SDS metadata can be performed without any problem.


We are testing this version at the moment. I hope to come back with more news soon.


#2 Updated by Daniela Hogrebe over 4 years ago

Dear Markus,

thank you for the information. What do you mean by 'latest version of TG'? Version 3.1 that is currently published at the INSPIRE website? If this is the case, have you taken into account that this version will be updated in the near future, especially concerning the encoding of the SDS metadata? After endorsement of this new version, do you think an update of Geonetwork is still needed?

Best regards,


#3 Updated by Markus Jobst over 4 years ago

Dear colleages, dear Daniela,

some days ago the community merged the SDS work into the 3.0.x official repository. The editor is now complete, and the Schematron rules can be used to warn the users about which required fields are still missing while editing.

The TG used for the SDS was the one from beginning of December, which was send out for review, and not the published one. The published one was the first try of implementation :-(

I am happy to get feedback. Any bug observation could be brought back to me and I will hand it over to the developers.

Best greetings,


#4 Updated by Markus Jobst almost 4 years ago

  • Due date changed from 31 Mar 2016 to 31 May 2016

Geonetwork 3.2.1 is out since 2017-02-10.

The extension for SDS MD has been merged into the core since 3.0.5.

The INSPIRE MD are more dominant and visible in the UI (if you activate them in the settings).


Actual state:

- this version (3.0.5, 3.2.1) is running stable for CSW.

- Harvesting and differential MD updates works for CSW 2.0.2

- MD can be imported easily from xml.

- Validation works and give some hints what is missing.

- User and group management including MD visibility works.



- The UI needs some cosmetic improvements (translation in transiflex, translation in ISO scheme vis, ...). Most of them can be achieved via github or the local adaptation of UI xml´s. We have just evaluated the out-of-the-box UI, without any modifications.

- We observed a bug in GN 3.0.5 concerning the use of Oracle. A correction has been done with the ticket https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/issues/1712. The correction has to be pulled in version 3.2.1, which has not been done until now (https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/pull/1723).

- We requested an ATOM download service solution for GN, which should be a local GN procedure (using existing MD and download files from the catalogue). A solution for the local ATOM feed will be pulled to 3.2 in near future. A documentation and the pull request can be found in this ticket https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/pull/1900.


Help needed:

- if you evaluate or have geonetwork with an Oracle DB in use, any response concerning the Oracle DB connection is helpfull for me. Is the problem really solved. We could not replicate the error.

- any feedback for the "new" ATOM feed solution is helpful for us.

#5 Updated by Markus Jobst over 3 years ago

Latest news on the way to make geonetwork INSPIRE productive:

According to the MD TG we have created full templates for the new data- and service MD (see attachment). We did it in our best knowledge, but still are not sure if this structure is the right interpretation of the new MD TG. Some issues are left, which are highlighted in the XLS (within the ZIP).

We have imported the new MD structure in geonetwork 3.2.2, which works. If we have a look at the XML, all attributes are there. BUT of course not all attributes are shown in the editor form! Our contractor is now evaluating needed adaptations within geonetwork.

What is needed from MIG-T: please evaluate the MD templates and modify any misinterpretations on an European level. These templates are needed by INSPIRE stakeholders in order to adopt their MD systems.

I keep you updated on the outcome of our evaluation.

Best regards, Markus

#6 Updated by Markus Jobst over 3 years ago

Some developments have been added to GeoNetwork 3.2.2. Its prerelease can be downloaded at http://build.geo-solutions.it/geonetwork/3.2.x/nightly/latest/

(1) German interface causes problems

the full view editor is always crashes in the german language view. This has been identified to be a problem with the German interface (sometimes missing labels or non-ASCII chars will make the GUI go crazy). A solution has been commissioned.


(2) ATOM feed download service directly embedded in GeoNetwork

a pull request on the GN repository to get some feedbacks before merging the work has been set https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/pull/1900

Allow GeoNetwork to publish any local Service metadata as a pre-defined ATOM Dataset Download Service

The ATOM feed will encode as ATOM entries all the metadata records referenced in operatesOn elements.

We'll have 2 new services:

  • atom.predefined.service: transforms a Service metadata in an ATOM "Download Service feed"

  • atom.predefined.dataset: tranforms a Data metadata in an ATOM "Dataset feed"

These pre-defined ATOM feeds allow a catalog admin to expose as INSPIRE ATOM feeds only a subset of the available data.
The set of the available downloadable resources is static: if other data needs to be made availble in the feed,
the Service metadata shall be edited, and a new Data Metadata record shall be added in the operatedOn list.

This transformation of the ISO metadata into ATOM feeds can be performed on the fly, without the need to use the InspireAtomFeed* classes.

Minimum setup to test the ATOM feed:

  • in Admin console/settings,
    • enable "INSPIRE" checkbox
    • in "Resource identifier prefix", set "id_" as the prefix (recommended, since the slashes in the default value may cause problems when creating internal links)
  • create a metadata for data
    • create a resource id for the resource
    • add a downloadable resource, making sure that
      • "Function" is set to "download" (it's a dropdown menu)
      • "Application profile" is set to "ATOM" (it's a free text)
  • create a service metadata
    • in the "Associated resources" panel, add a link to the previously created metadata
    • write down the UUID assigned to this service metadata
  • change to privileges for both metadata, and make them visibile to all.
  • Make a call to: http://YOUR_SERVER/geonetwork/srv/eng/atom.predefined.service?uuid=SERVICE_METADATA_UUID 

The ISO19139/ATOM conversion has been made a bit more lenient (commit https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/commit/aef76268ad6490715f8a697d965466d437314843).


(3) ORACLE connection fixes

Various fixes for Oracle have been updated https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/pull/1968


Any feedback to the above topics and this development procedure is welcome.

#7 Updated by Markus Jobst over 3 years ago

Since the last entry, the Oracle fixes have been validated. Some Austrian geodata providers connected with their Oracle and it worked. Please follow the pull request and its given tickets if you are interested in this topic: https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/pull/1968

A snapshot release with the ATOM feed and Oracle fix can be downloaded here: http://demo.geo-solutions.it/share/bev/geonetwork/20170502_32x_atomfeeds_oracle/


Also available in: Atom PDF