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Spatial resolution for services to be given in abstract

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Priority:NormalDue date:30 Mar 2016
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Target version:TG2.0 RC1


By: Ine de Visser, Angelo Quaglia

Chapter/section: 5.2.1

Paragraph/table: TG Req.3.3

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Ine: "While the problem is addressed by the standardisation community,"" That was the situation some years ago. Is it adapted in ISO 19115:2014?

Angelo: For SDS, ISO 19115 has already been stretched to accommodate quality of service measures under DataQualityInfo. Why does spatial resolution for a service still need to be included in the abstract?


Ine: Update with the actual status


Angelo: Remove resolution for services from the abstract and put under DataQualityInfo.

Note the section numbers refer to version TG v2.0 RC1 (https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/attachments/download/1570/TG_MD_20_RC1_2016-02-29.pdf)


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Unfortunately it does not help much even if this was solved in ISO 19115:2014, because the OGC srv schema mandated by this specification does not allow this.


#2 Updated by Antonio Rotundo over 4 years ago

The problem was solved in ISO 19115-1:2014; in fact, the metadata element spatialResolution was moved from MD_DataIdentification to MD_Identification and so it could be even used for service identification. But we can't refer to it because the new Standard is out of scope in our work.

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