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FAQ on register and registries

Added by Christian Ansorge over 4 years ago.

Assignee:Michael Lutz


I just keep the FAQ in one issue. Maybe we can related the other this one as well, to have them all together. From talks and discussions I had last year (mainly AT and EIONET) I was asked questions regarding the use and management of codelists which - alltogether - gave the impression that there is a certain amount of unclarity. I am aware that (for us now) the answer might be crystal clear it is might not be the case if you look outside the MIWP-6 group. I know the questions are basic, but this makes the fact that they were asked frequently even more significant.

I digged in my memory for the questions which were asked and if more come to my mind I will add them.


#1 - What is a register and what is the specific requirement of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1089/2010 where Art. 6 states "Where a Member State extends a code list, the allowed values of the extended code lists shall be made available in a register."?


#2 - Is it sufficient to just put the codelist values in a file on the web (RDF, XML, HTML, ..)?


#3 - How can codelists be extended? Is there a common rule how to do it and how not?


#4 - Are there guidelines available for a) extending codelists and b) how to publish the extension?


#5 - What is the implication of multilinguality for me as codelist provider? Do I have to provide my extension in several languages?


#6 - Is there software or tools available to help me making my codelist extensions available? 



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