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Proposed new MIG Actions for the WP 2016-2020

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Status:ClosedStart date:12 May 2016
Priority:NormalDue date:25 May 2016
Assignee:Robert Tomas


Dear MIG-T representatives,

please find attached draft descriptions of the 3 newly proposed MIWP Actions for your comments/additions etc.:

  1. Fitness for purpose – prepared by Michael L.

  2. Monitoring and Reporting 2019 – prepared by Paul H.

  3. Priority list of eReporting datasets – prepared by Robert T

The proposed new Actions are reflecting the new priority setting included in the draft of the MIWP 2016-2020 ( that is also published for your commnets/additions etc.

till 25.5. 2016.



MIWP-xx Fitness for purpose_commnets.docx (39.1 KB) Robert Tomas, 12 May 2016 05:36 pm

MIWP-xx Priority list of eReporting datasets.docx (37.1 KB) Robert Tomas, 12 May 2016 05:36 pm

MIWP-xx Monitoring & Reporting 2019.docx (33.9 KB) Robert Tomas, 13 May 2016 02:25 pm

INSPIRE_LOPDS_Spain.xlsx (24.4 KB) Michael Lutz, 25 May 2016 09:55 am

MIWP-xx Priority list of eReporting datasets_DKcomments.docx (47.2 KB) Lars Storgaard, 25 May 2016 10:08 am

MIWP-xx Monitoring Reporting 2019_DKcomments.docx (41.4 KB) Lars Storgaard, 25 May 2016 10:08 am

MIWP-xx Fitness for purpose_DKcomments.docx (44.1 KB) Lars Storgaard, 25 May 2016 10:08 am

MIWP-xx Fitness for purpose_commnets_ITAcomments.docx (46.2 KB) Carlo Cipolloni, 26 May 2016 06:51 am

MIWP-xx Priority list of eReporting datasets_ITAcomments.docx (47.4 KB) Carlo Cipolloni, 26 May 2016 06:51 am

MIWP-xx Fitness for purpose_FR.docx (13.4 KB) Marc Leobet, 26 May 2016 05:08 pm

MIWP-xx Monitoring & Reporting 2019_FR.docx (10.7 KB) Marc Leobet, 26 May 2016 05:08 pm

MIWP-xx Priority list of eReporting datasets_FR.docx (13.6 KB) Marc Leobet, 26 May 2016 05:08 pm


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#3 Updated by Michael Lutz about 4 years ago

Dears Michael and Robert:

We support in Spain the three new proposed MIWP Actions and consider they are in the right direction. However it is important to develop a detailed action plan and assign the appropriate resources to assure their success.

Attached you can find our comments about the priority list of eReporting datasets in relation with their alignment with INSPIRE.  We have found some inconsistencies between some currently eReporting datasets and the INSPIRE related ones.  There are also some datasets that we don’t consider a priority.

Besides,  there are repeated datasets that correspond with different information and therefore the number of priority datasets is 48 instead of 46.

  • Directive 91/271/EEC

34) location of discharge point linked to WFD water body

35) GIS of  sensitive areas, less sensitive areas and catchment

  • Directive 91/676/EEC

34) NiD monitoring stations and related data

35) NiD management zone


Best regards.

Marisol Gómez Andrés

Ministry of Environmental , Agriculture and Food

Paseo Infanta Isabel 1 – 28014 Madrid - Spain

Information Technology and Communication Department

Web and GIS Services Manager

#4 Updated by Lars Storgaard about 4 years ago

Thank you all for the well described actions which we (DK) overall supports. We have some minor comments, proposals to clarifications and questions to each actions.

BR Lars

#5 Updated by Carlo Cipolloni about 4 years ago

Dear All,

here are attached some small Italy comments to MIG new actions that we (ITA) totally support.



#6 Updated by Marc Leobet about 4 years ago

Dear all,

please find the French comments in the attached files. As an abstract :

FITNESS FOR PURPOSE : we would like to thanks the European Commission for this very positive and open process. We think we have two points to work on for this workpackage :

- As you know, INSPIRE does not ask for new datasets, so "creation" word would have to be avoided. We could just define which could be the reference datasets among what exists. Secondly, to be compliant with subsidiarity principle, stronger harmonization would have to answer to strong European use cases we have not at this stage. Thirdly, while recognizing the very good job done by its managers, the few people coming on the thematic cluster website is absolutly not representative of the EU public authorities.

To go a step further asks to go back to users, that is the public authorities and not only technicians and experts.

MONITORING & REPORTING 2019 : this is a good work, even if comparability between MS would stay unreachable if not taking into account that countries have various institutions, history and situations.

PRIORITY LIST OF DATASETS : we have stong concerns about that text.

if INSPIRE is an infrastructure, it has to facilitate the work done by specific users, by example thematic reporters. Reading this text, we feel it could exist a risk that the infrastructure looks upstairs, trying to define the more useful datasets for another thematic community.

As the French action plan shows us, only the reporters for thematic directives have the knowledge of the European Union consensus on what is mandatory, what is not mandatory but freely accepted and what is accepted as out of the scope. For French authorities, this would be a non-sense to create this Work Package without them.

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This MIG-T consultation has been completed.

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