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2016.2: Streamlining the monitoring and reporting for 2019

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Status:ClosedStart date:01 Oct 2016
Priority:NormalDue date:31 Dec 2018
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The current Monitoring and Reporting system (requirements, processes and supporting tools) is based on Article 21 of the Directive and on the 2009 Reporting Implementing Decision. Experience from the previous reporting rounds and the evaluation have shown that this system leaves room for improvement and streamlining. Textual information is still quite significant in this system but since it is not always relevant nor comparable and that it represents a significant burden, updated information should be collected in an easier, comparable and less burdensome way for the reporting actors (MS, EEA, EC).

While the resources needed at MS and EC/EEA level to handle the monitoring process have been reduced due to the work of the finalised MIWP-16, the reporting process is reported by MS as being still time consuming and of an unknown added value. In particular, the current process does not allow for the provision of comparable results across MS. This concern was also highlighted in the discussions at the MIG-P meeting in December 2015. 

In MIWP-16 the monitoring indicators have been evaluated and several issues indicated in the final report of action still need to be addressed. This might require changes of the 2009 Decision and corresponding technical guidelines.  It is therefore relevant to review the INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting process and obligations in order to develop and implement an optimized and effective process according to Art. 21 of INSPIRE Directive, in line with the Better Regulation Guidelines (COM(2015)111) and the aims of the Fitness Check on environmental monitoring and reporting (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/legal/reporting/fc_overview_en.htm).

Proposed action:

  • Review of current indicators and development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that allow for a consolidated view of some elements of the reporting;
  • Development template for country fiches (synoptic presentation of the status of INSPIRE implementation in a country in a 4-5 pages document) as a main and quick result of the three annual reporting;
  • Development of forward-looking critical success factors as part of the template for the country fiches;
  • Ensure that all elements requested for reporting can be gathered from metadata and complemented by targeted surveys (or similar means);
  • Review and integrate proposals for updates to the monitoring done by MIWP-16;
  • Propose rationale and ideas for amendment of the 2009 Reporting Decision and corresponding technical guidance documents as an input to discussions in the Committee (provided that the Commission gets the mandate to revise the Decision in 2017 or 18)
  • Development of a new, streamlined monitoring and reporting process;
  • Prototyping, testing and implementation of the new monitoring and reporting process.

Organisational set-up:

A dedicated temporary sub-group is suggested, similarly to what has been done for MIWP-16. The sub-group should ideally consist of members of MIG-P, MIG-T and INSPIRE rapporteurs in order to have a right mix of hands-on and policy knowledge. It should also include users of the report. The sub-group may organise itself in working groups if deemed appropriate by its members.

Furthermore the contractor(s) or staff in charge of the actual implementation of the IT tools to be produced as outcome of the activities of this MIWP, e.g. the Project Steering Committee of Monitoring dashboard, should be involved at latest at the time of the drafting of the functional analysis and ideally already before (e.g. for the needs analysis).


  • Conceptual [2016]
    • Development of a work plan including feedback lookups between tasks
    • Collect issues raised by MS
    • Perform a needs analysis about use of MR coming from MS and EC and maybe other actors?
    • Identification of functional requirements.
    • Synchronisation with the geoportal and/or the content of the INSPIRE discovery services (including all necessary to get the same data sets and services available and reported)
    • The need for drafting technical requirements
      • Including dashboard
      • Including outcomes from MIWP-16
    • Check of legislation and existing technical guidance documents and propose changes as needed and prepare document for discussion at the Art. 22 Committee.
    • Collaborate with other MIWP activities/groups
  • Implementation [2017] (provided that a mandate for revision of the 2009 Decision is given)
    • Delivery of technical proposals for an updated MR decision and corresponding technical guidance documents
    • Prototype / agile development of updated dashboard according to the technical specifications
    • Country fiche system: editing / visualization
    • Guidelines (user documentation)
  • Testing and improvement [2018]


  • Technical input for the updated of 2009 MR Decision and corresponding technical guidance documents
  • Proposals for an updated dashboard with a system to visualize and edit country fiches
  • User documentation



Related issues

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The action was provisionally approved in the MIG-P meeting on 28-29 June 2016 and started its activity in October 2016 (kick-off meeting on 27 October).

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  • Kick off meeting held 2016-10-27 in Ispra
    • Sub-group objectives discussed and agreed with short term and long term actions
  • 2 meeting (virtual) 2016-11-21
  • 3 meeting (virtual) 2016-12-20
  • 4 Meeting (face to face), 2017-02-07-08, JRC, Ispra
  • 5 Meeting (virtual), 2017-04-10

Tasks/deliverables planned for next month(s):

  • Review of existing INSPIRE monitoring indicators based on past experiences
  • Methodology for developing a more fit for purpose indicator framework
  • Indicator metadata fact sheet
  • Possible Indicators for the List of Priority Data Sets (proposal)
  • Draft Key Performance Indicators KPIs framework
  • Update of the Commission decision implementing the INSPIRE Directive as regards monitoring and reporting (2009/442/EC) and the corresponding Guidance documents
  • Analysis document v0.5 prepared with the draft proposal for INSPIRE Committee meeting in June

Overal status

  • ongoing according to plan  

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Analysis document v1.0 prepared with the proposal for INSPIRE Committee meeting in June.

The document has been prepared by 2016.2 sub-group. It documents the review of the Commission Decision of 5 June 2009 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC (INSPIRE) as regards monitoring and reporting (2009/442/EC) in view of the Better Regulation Fitness Check for environmental monitoring and reporting.

Changes are proposed to INSPIRE monitoring indicators which require an update of the Commission decision. Also a country fiche template is introduced to guide the streamlining of the existing monitoring and reporting process into a more effective and cost-efficient process that makes optimal use of already existing information. A country fiche system should be set up to manage static reporting information, maximally reuse metadata for monitoring and provide additional information on request through targeted surveys.

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The action was formally closed in the MIG meeting in June 2017.

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