Registry change proposal #3009

Migrate the INSPIRE registry service to HTTPS

Added by Michael Lutz about 3 years ago.

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Following a policy for all Commission-hosted IT systems, all applications under the INSPIRE domain ( have to be migrated to HTTPS.

The initial migration in July 2017 also affected the INSPIRE registry, since all identifiers in the INSPIRE registry changed from HTTP to HTTPS URIs. Since this change was unintended and may adversely affect external applications relying on the registry, it was decided to roll back the registry to HTTP URIs. However, this rollback is based on a temporary exception, and the registry service will have to be moved to HTTPS in the long run.

This issue aims at discussing how to best achieve this migration without adversely affecting external applications relying on the INSPIRE registry.

It will need to discuss (among possibly other things):

  1. whether to consider a URI in the HTTP scheme equivalent to the corresponding URI in the HTTPS scheme,
  2. (if the answer to (1) is "yes") what implications this would have for external applications,
  3. (if the answer to (1) is "no") whether to stick to using HTTP URIs or whether to switch to HTTPS URIs,
  4. (if it is agreed to move to HTTPS URIs) how such a change should be implemented in the registry (supersession vs clarification vs "silent change"),
  5. (if it is agreed to stick to HTTP URIs) which changes would be necessary in the Re3gistry software to support running under HTTPS, but still delivering HTTP identifiers

See also a related blog post and discussion in W3C:

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