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RO: Thematic Viewer / Priority Dataset

Added by Simona Bunea about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Dear Angelo,

We don't have yet implemented in our Geoportal metadata schema with URI (xlink:ref with gmx:anchor for Inspire theme and priority dataset).

Please tell us if we used label (text free) as shown in pres-1.2_Registry-PriorityDataset.pptx at page 7 is a viable solution for appearing in Thematic Viewer ?

I attached an xml file now published on the national geoportal with this approach. It will be seen in Thematic Viewer/at Priority Dataset?


Best regards,

Simona Bunea 


PS_SetDeDateSpatiale_MD_esriCompat.XML Magnifier (464 KB) Simona Bunea, 23 Apr 2018 03:41 pm


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Dear Simona,

no, it won't, because you are using the "2017-11-16" citation date but you are using the labels that are only in version 2 of the codelist.

The INSPIRE Geoportal Validator 2 already supports the codelist at the 2017-11-16 watermark and no Reporting Tags are displayed: 

Instead, for metadata using the labels valid at that date, this is the result:


The INSPIRE Geoportal will be updated today in order to enable support for the new values.

You will need to change your citation, as documented here:

In particular:


Best regards,


#3 Updated by Simona Bunea about 2 years ago

Dear Angelo, 

Thanks a lot for clarification.

So, we made changes in metadata file, at Keywords/ for INSPIRE priority data set : Date: 2018-04-04 and Date type: publication.

Probably we will see the changes  in ThematicViewer / Priority data set after you update the INSPIRE Geoportal in order to enable suport for the new value and the new harvest for the Romanian catalogue service will be done.


Thank you,

Simona Bunea

#4 Updated by Angelo Quaglia about 2 years ago

Dear Simona,

yes you will, but only if you remove the trailing blank I see in the date:

  <gco:Date>2018-04-04 </gco:Date>


Best regards,

#5 Updated by Angelo Quaglia about 2 years ago

Dear Simona,

Support for the Priority dataset codelist v.2 is now in production.

You can use the unbeatable Validator 2 at

to check your metadata beforehand:


Best regards,




#6 Updated by Simona Bunea about 2 years ago

Dear Angelo,

Great news!! Thank you!

Now the metadata file was corrected

I checked with the INSPIRE Validator 2 , the result is:

It is ok now from our side.

So, for our knowledge, if another version of INSPIRE Priority Data Set will be published, where do we find the new date and date type? In ATOM feed of

Thank you for helping us,

Simona Bunea 

Also available in: Atom PDF