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SE: Invalid metadata links in Atom based Download Service

Added by Angelo Quaglia about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Dear Christina,

I was having a look the results in the Thematic Viewer, Priority Datasets, Nature & Biodiversity datasets for Sweden.

I see 6 metadata records, but no Download Service Dataset can be identified by the INSPIRE Geoportal:


So, as an example, I inspected this entry (in red, in the picture above):

Naturtyper och biotoper: Natura naturtypskarta (Naturvårdsverket)

Unique Resource Identifier
Code: D8144FB6-BD00-4873-ABFA-E9FA3BE86F7B

I have identified that this is the Atom-based Download Service that is intended to serve that dataset:

Naturvårdsverkets nedladdningstjänst (ATOM-flöde) för data som ingår i INSPIRE

If I inspect that feed, I see this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<feed xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xml:lang="en">
	<title>Naturvårdsverkets nedladdningstjänst för geografiska data</title>
	<entry xmlns:georss="">
		<link rel="describedby" href=";service=CSW&amp;version=2.0.2&amp;elementSetName=full&amp;id=D8144FB6-BD00-4873-ABFA-E9FA3BE86F7B&amp;outputSchema=csw:IsoRecord" type="application/xml" hreflang="swe" title="Metadata"/>
		<georss:polygon>1 1 1</georss:polygon>

The link to the dataset metadata does not return any metadata:


The harvesting reports of the INSPIRE Geoportal tell you about this problem in a very explicit way.

It is also very easy find the reports using the Resource Browser where you can search, in this case, by the resource locator of the service:

It is impossible for us to chase every single Member State for every single resource.

I think it is reasonable for us to expect Member States to review the harvesting reports.

This Helpdesk is always available  should you need any additional clarification.

Best regards,





#1 Updated by Christina Wasström about 2 years ago

Thank you Angelo for your input,

I have talked to our naional contact for issues related to harvesting from national portal to Inspire portal, and the harvesting reports are taken care of in a good way. I also was inforamed that this specific issue has been addressed the responsible organisation.

Best regards


#2 Updated by Angelo Quaglia about 2 years ago

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#3 Updated by Angelo Quaglia about 2 years ago

Dear Christina,

many thanks.

Best regards,


#4 Updated by Angelo Quaglia about 2 years ago

Dear Christina,

The reason why I previously asked you if anybody is regularly checking the harvesting reports is that I keep seeing that Sweden has 353 (out of 455) metadata documents that are failing that basic validation against the XML schema.



Sweden is among the countries with the highest percentage (78%) of XML invalid metadata.

Best regards,


#5 Updated by Christina Wasström about 2 years ago

Dear Angelo,

I will forward your concerns to our Swedish Geoportal contact.



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