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SI: suggestions for new INSPIRE Geoportal

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a new INSPIRE Geoportal is great and we like it!

We have two suggestions/comments related with a new geoportal:

- First one related with a metadata language; we have a general suggestion to all our data providers to prepare metadata in original (Slovenian) language and in additional English version. So, in such cases, the geoportal might be able to show metadata in this additional language if it is available. Now it is sometimes difficult to understand metadata in other (original) languages.

- Second is related with a background map in a preview window (as well as in other views) where standard OpenStreetMap is used - we have also tried to use this basemap, but we have found that according to the Tile Usage Policy ( we should not - so we are using some other open tile servers (like

Best regards,





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#2 Updated by Angelo Quaglia almost 2 years ago

Dear Martin,

it is great that you like it.

It is actually still the good old Geoportal Operational Pilot but with a refreshed UI.


1) I have already implemented the automatic translations using the European Commission Translation service and I am working on extracting the translations present in the metadata.

It will come in the next release.


2) For the maps, we are using the the European Commission Tile Server:

On what page were you when you saw the OSM tiles being loaded?


Best regards,

#3 Updated by Martin Puhar almost 2 years ago

Dear Angelo, 

the extraction of translation in metadata will be very nice feature - can’t wait for it. 

I can see now the tile server is different - I was not aware of this.

Question: can this tile server be used also on a national level?






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Dear Martin,

I am afraid it is not possible, at the moment at least. Actually, let me ask.


I read this on the internal website of those map servers:

IMPORTANT - Who can request whitelisting?

Only EU / EU partners / EU contractors websites can be whitelisted.

The request for whitelisting should originate from an EU official, or in case of external contractors, be validated by the EU official collaborating with the external contractor.

Websites that are not related to the EU will not be whitelisted




Best regards,


#5 Updated by Angelo Quaglia almost 2 years ago

Dear Martin,

yes, it is possible. The answer was a request for technical details:

"We need to know all ip addressees/dns names of all domains (dev,acc,prd)  where they want to consume that."

Best regards,

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