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BE: Metawal - Legal constraints

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Dear Geoportal Team,

Dear Angelo,

I made some corrections in our metadata to be fully compliance (as far as possible) to the requirements of the TG V.2.0 of metadata regarding the referencing of the legal constraints ("conditions applying to access and use" and "Limitations on public access").

These elements shall be described separately using exactly one gmd:resourceConstraints/gmd:MD_LegalConstraints.


For "conditions applying to access and use", we give both gmd:accessConstraints and gmd:useConstraints element that contain a gmd:MD_RestrictionCode element with code list value "otherRestrictions" + one instance of gmd:otherConstraints which contains the actual conditions described in document accessible through an URL pointing to an online resource where these terms and conditions are described (TG C18).


For "Limitations on public access", we give one instance of gmd:accessConstraints/gmd:MD_RestrictionCode element with code list value "otherRestrictions" and one instance of gmd:otherConstraints/gmx:Anchor pointing to the registry


See XML in 


In the front-end metadata page"conditions applying to access and use" is empty and both information is inserted on the "Limitations on public access" block.


Did we have some errors on our XML "resource constrains" snippet regarding the TG V2? Does the Geoportal is aligned to these requirements


be_metawal_ps_natura2000.xml Magnifier (49.7 KB) Geoffroy Detry, 03 Apr 2019 08:56 am


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Dear Geoffrey,

the INSPIRE Geoportal does not yet fully support MD TG v.2.0.

I will notify as soon as it will be done.

Best regards,


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