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[BE - Metawal] - Protected Site - Missing linking on IUCN metadata record

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Dear Geoportal Team,

In the context of the monitoring 2019, we’re analyzing our metadata resources, especially those concerned the theme Protected Sites which is fully conform regarding metadata, network service (DS/VS) and the PS Dataset Specifications,

I note that the metadata recordINSPIRE - Sites protégés par type IUCN en Wallonie (BE)” has missing services for both Download and View Services (based on the information displayed on the Geoportal SandBox even if the report with linkage issues shows that the DS is available)

We noted that this IUCN metadata record  has one schema validation issue . However, it doesn’t explain the linkage issue because when we compare IUCN with “INSPIRE - Sites protégés type Monuments Nationaux en Wallonie (BE), we note also the same schema validation issue but the linkages to VS/DS for this resource are OK

This "Monument" metadata resource is almost similar to the IUCN one (same metadata content, same resource locator to protected site WMS VS/ ATOM DS, same URI structure, etc.)

By analysing the view/download metadata services, the coupled resources reference are OK. The GetCatapiblities ( or XML ATOM is also OK regarding the xlinks and uri.

A this present time, I couldn't explain the issue on the IUCN resource.

Maybe could you check and explain this linkage issue. According to your feedback, we will improve our metadata resource and the linking to the network services,

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need more details.

With best regards



#1 Updated by Angelo Quaglia over 1 year ago

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Dear Geoffry,

Download Service

The INSPIRE Geoportal succeeds in establishing the linkage between the Download Service and the Series.

However, it has a problem with the actual download link.

I need to be at the office to diagnose this issue efficiently.


View Service

The INSPIRE Geoportal does not succeed in establishing the linkage between the View Service and the Series.

The problem here is with the resolution of the MetadataURL in the Layer elements.

For other layers that worked fine, though.

I need to be at the office to diagnose this issue efficiently.


I might be able to pass at the office tomorrow.

It could be that those problems were transient but the full information is easily accessible on the server.

Best regards,


#2 Updated by Angelo Quaglia over 1 year ago

Sorry Geoffroy,

I am not yet at 100%, so I decide to stay at home.

I wil go pass by the office on Friday, though.

Best regards,


#3 Updated by Angelo Quaglia over 1 year ago

Dear Geoffroy,

I have checked again the Network Services related to the dataset (fileIdentifier: bee148c9-f6f2-458e-8359-c33816927a8a)

For the View Service I am not reproducing the problem on my workstation nor in development, so it might have been a transient problem.

The INSPIRE Geoportal was unable to extract the Unique Resource Identifier from the dataset/series metadata:

                    <ns2:Message>The Metadata URL (";SERVICE=CSW&amp;version=2.0.2&amp;elementSetName=full&amp;outputSchema=;id=bee148c9-f6f2-458e-8359-c33816927a8a") specified for layer "Protected Sites - IUCN Designation [Surface]" (layer name: "PS.ProtectedSitesIUCN.Surface") of service "INSPIRE - Sites protégés de Wallonie (PS)" is not valid because of the following error: "No metadata for Spatial Data resources could be found"</ns2:Message>

I have started a new harvesting in the console to have a fresh log.


#4 Updated by Angelo Quaglia over 1 year ago

The problem with the View Service was indeed transient.

The problem with the Download Service instead is still there.

Please check the download link in dataset feed

there is a spurious charcater at the very end of it

       <link title="INSPIRE - Sites protégés par type IUCN en Wallonie (BE) - ETRS89 / LAEA Europe" rel="enclosure" type="application/x-gmz" href=" " hreflang="fr" length="827619"/>

That character causes an exception:

ex = ( Illegal character in path at index 131:

Best regards,


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