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Some datesets that are downloadable through a WFS service get a downloadlink in the form of getfeature/typename.

Other datasets get a downlink in the form of getfeare/storedqueryid.

How does the harvester or the resource linkage checker decide what kind of downloadlink to create?

For our harmonized data/services  the storedquery option is ok. For our older services serving not harmonized data we would prefer to have the first option.




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Dear Bart,

the support for as-is WFS is a recent addition.


The idea behind it is that in the case a WFS:

1) is serving only non-INSPIRE feature types;

2) is serving only one dataset;

3) it does support the required Predefined Stored Query

The INSPIRE Geoportal will build a download link URL.

Condition 2 could be relaxed if MetadataURL below feature type elements in the capabilities were correctly populated with metadata resolving to an INSPIRE Spatial Data Set or Series metadata.


However, I see that in the case you tested this morning the WFS is a sort of mix-and-match:

The WFS:

- has the Extended Capabilities

- supports the mandatory Stored Query.


It points to the Service metadata, which declares one coupled resource:

<srv:operatesOn uuidref="b0dd2f91-4837-4fb9-bc22-ff9294bbd06b" xlink:href=""/>

Which describes a Unique Resource Identifier with a code but no namespace:
                <gmd:codeSpace gco:nilReason="missing">
                  <gco:CharacterString />

While in the capabilities a namespace is declared:

-<inspire_dls:SpatialDataSetIdentifier metadataURL="">




I can add support to this case but you have to fix the mismatch between the Unique Resource Identifiers or you simply add to the dataset metadata also the Unique Resource Identifier with the namespace so that it matches with what is declared in the Extended Capabilities.




If you have other examples please send them to me.

Even better if you send me the link to the Evaluation Report as it appears in the Linkage Checker:





Best regards,


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