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PL: Number of metadata after harvesting

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Dear Angelo,

after last harvesting due to report (

we have circa 30566 records. In ISPIRE Geoportal we have assign more than 55000. Maybe its becouse last time we changed software from TerraCatalog to Geonetwork. Please consider what can lead this mistake. 



Piotr Perz


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#2 Updated by Daniele Francioli 10 months ago

Dear Piotr,

Thank you for your question.

Due to the vacation time our team is short staffed and the answer to your question may take longer than usual.

We will try to answer as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Daniele Francioli

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#4 Updated by Angelo Quaglia 10 months ago

Dear Piotr,

your National Catalogue returned the following number of records:

Resources available for discovery: 30566, Expected Resource Count: 30566, Actual Resource Count : 30516


However, the INSPIRE Geoportal is instructed to harvest recursively on the following additional services.

Please clarify if you still expect the INSPIRE Geoportal to do that or if you have switched to a Centralised approach for your metadata:

NOTE: Additional 30530 records have been pulled from Linked Discovery Services. See the Summary of Discovery Services
Linked Discovery Service Title Pull Operation Report Resources available for discovery Expected Resource Count Resources actually retrieved  Resource Summary Average Conformity of Metadata Average Level of Interoperability
Portal Geostatystyczny - Usługa wyszukiwania metadanych Report 30 30  30 96.23%
Geo-System metadata catalogue Report 28489 28489  25889 99.49%
Usługa wyszukiwania INSPIRE - Catalogue Services for Web (CSW) Report 152 152  152 95.91%
Miasto Głogów - usługa wyszukiwania CSW - zagospodarowanie przestrzenne Report 98 98  98 99.85%
Usługa wyszukiwania - WODGiK Opole Report 4053 4053  3953 95.03%
<please ensure a title is specified in the Get Service Metadata Response> Report 17 17  17 77.25%
Usługa wyszukiwania Systemu Informacji Przestrzennej Związku Miast i Gmin Dorzecza Parsęty Report 224 224  224 94.47%
GDOŚ Geoportal usługa katalogowa - INSPIRE Usługa wyszukania Report 20 20  20 100.00%
G-SIP Konstancin-Jeziorna Metadata Catalog Report 73 73  73 95.74%
GDOŚ Geoportal usługa katalogowa - INSPIRE Usługa wyszukania Report 20 20  20 100.00%
ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension 10 - OGC CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP Report 54 54  54 99.72%


#5 Updated by Piotr Perz 9 months ago

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Dear Angelo,

Yes, we would like to change to a centralized approach.
Earlier, from what we know in Capabilities was the 'federated' tag, which pointed to harvesting directories. There are currently no links indicated in our Capabilities.



Piotr Perz

#6 Updated by Angelo Quaglia 9 months ago

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Dear Piotr,

that is very good news.

The INSPIRE Geoportal needs to be told to follow the centralised scenario.

I have updated the settings accordingly:

        <ns2:DiscoveryImplementationSpecification>CSW 2.0.2 AP ISO 1.0.0</ns2:DiscoveryImplementationSpecification>
        <!-- See


Best regards,


#7 Updated by Piotr Perz 9 months ago

Dear Angelo,

Thank you. Number of metadata will change automatically (if so then when?) or we must start new harvesting in console?




#8 Updated by Angelo Quaglia 9 months ago

Dear Piotr,

Member States are now required to start a harvest.

Automatic harvesting is no more guaranteed. We might decide to keep it on a monthly basis only.

Best regards,


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