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INSPIRE PD 45,01 CDDA Spoločná databáza chránených území datates is missing view link

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Dear Daniele,

The dataset "INSPIRE PD 45,01 CDDA Spoločná databáza chránených území" available from INSPIRE Geoportal is missing a View options, even if it is viewable via the following WMS GetMap request:,47.672475,22.76347192023466,49.73647042023465&service=WMS&TRANSPARENT=FALSE

I checked also the linking aspects from DS metadata through View Service Metadata and Layer Metadata, all seems to be correct!

Could you please check why this dataset does not get view options in INSPIRE Geoportal?

Thank you,



#1 Updated by Martin Tuchyna 9 months ago

Dear Daniele,

when possible, could you please check this issue and let us know, if something needs to be done on our side?

Thanks, m

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#4 Updated by Davide Artasensi 4 months ago

Dear Thomas, Martin,


apologies for the late reply on this old issue.

But I would also say there are few informations in order to analyze this issue, since you described a dataset only by its resourceTitle, and the service only by a GetMap request. So I tried my best to find the reason of the missing viewable issue and a suggestion to fix it.

Please, feel free to correct the following analysis and point me in the right direction.


I found a metadata that describe the dataset with the resourceTitle "INSPIRE PD 45,01 CDDA Spoločná databáza chránených území".


resourceTitle: INSPIRE PD 45,01 CDDA Spoločná databáza chránených území

Spatial Dataset Unique Resource Identifier - code:

Spatial Dataset Unique Resource Identifier - namespace:

I also traced back the metadata with a standard GetRecordById.


I also found in the metadata a direct linkage to the View service:



Then the service you declared: I retrieved the GetCapabilities doc from your original GetMap request

I saw then the ExtendedCapabilities, where it links back correctly to the service metadata in your catalogue URL:

But then, in the Layers section, I found this:

The URL returns a different metadata from the catalogue.

In order to be viewable, this element should refer to the dataset metadata, as described in the diagram in chapter "2.4 Establishing links for WM(T)S-based view services" of the Linkage Checker documentation:


Best regards,

Davide on behalf of JRC INSPIRE Support team

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#6 Updated by Tomas Kliment 4 months ago

Dear Davide,

Thank you for your feedback. 

You are right both Download and View service provide link to metadata record with identifier ``, which is the dataset of Protected Sites in Slovakia.

Based on this I have two questions, first technical why INSPIRE Geoportal assigns downloadable flag if the Download service provides the same dataset identifier + metadata URL information as the view service capabilities and at the same time viewable flag is not assigned. 

Based on INSPIRE requirements, is this an error, when 2 datasets are assigned the the same download and view service?

The reason why we have 2 datasets linking to the same featureType / layer is unknown to me and I have to discuss it with the data providers. Nevertheless IMO it is incorrect. I may think why they did this, namely becouse they wanted to report the presence of a INSPRIE Priority datasetm which is actually the same as the INSPIRE Theme dataset for Protected sites. But I think the correct way is to keep single dataset for Protected Sites and just provide the link to Priorioty dataset namespace by keyword INSPIRE Priority dataset. Is this assumption correct?

Thank you,


#7 Updated by Davide Artasensi 3 months ago

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Dear Tomas,


thank you for your questions.


About your first question: yes, if they (both services) serve the same dataset, they should present the same metadataURL reference back to the dataset metadata in your Discovery Service catalogue.

Starting from the "service" point of view, both these View and Download service refer to a specific metadata.

This metadata has ResourceTitle: "INSPIRE - Chránené územia" and Spatial Dataset Identifier "", and it is recognized in the Geoportal Viewer as downloadable and viewable.

My personal suggestion could be to remove/correct the other dataset metadata potentially unrelated (ie. the one used in this issue as starting point)


About your second question: your assumption also seems correct to me. A dataset (served through view and download services) should be described with a single metadata document. Then of course, you can always have a single (view/download) service that provides multiple different datasets, even if this is not recommended.


Best regards,


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