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BG: endpoint for monitor and reporting

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Dear Svetlogor,

We have 2 endpoints registered for Bulgaria. Can you please tell us which one should we use for the monitor and reporting calculation?

After an analysis we assume that [1] is the correct one. Can you confirm?



Thank you,

Daniele on behalf of the JRC INSPIRE Support team



#1 Updated by Svetlogor KIROV 8 months ago

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Dear Daniele, 

Thanks for contacting me! It would be good if there is a notification in my email too. 

We would like to be used the second one as if the format of URL is relevant. 

Unfortunately we found there was a problem and wrote to you an issue - and also

As I have already described I need to harvest the records from the second one through the first one - and then schedule a harvest in the INSPIRE harvest console. It was frustrating over the last months. There are two differences between the two endpoints - 1. versions of GeoNetwork; 2. operating system.

For the purposes of the monitoring and reporting 2019 you can use the first one but I expect to achieve the results and indicators which are currently uploaded on which should be the official national discovery service and endpoint. 

Best regards, 


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Dear Svetlogor,

Thank you for your answer. We will use endpoint [1] for the monitoring and reporting calculation.

However, we notice a discrepancy in endpoint [2]. After dumping the content, we counted the elements retrieved and we compared them with the total number of records available provided by the GetRecords. As you can see below, there is a gap of 2 records. Can you please check?

Countrycode Endpointid Endpoint URL Dump date Dataset Services Series SUM Unknown resource type Complete SUM GetRecords count  
bg INSPIRE-e61d4555-c008-11e9-990e-0050563f943c 20191216 118 5 0 123 1 124 126  


Furthermore, as you can see below, the same statistics in endpoint [1] are matching.

Countrycode Endpointid   Dump date Dataset Services Series SUM Unknown resource type Complete SUM GetRecords count  
bg INSPIRE-462ed9f9-1ce6-11e6-be5e-52540023a883 20191216 118 4 0 122 1 123 123  

Best regards,

Daniele on behalf of the JRC INSPIRE Support team

#3 Updated by Svetlogor KIROV 8 months ago

Dear Daniele, 

When I have used the following GetRecords request -

I have received the following response: 

<csw:GetRecordsResponse xmlns:csw="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

<csw:SearchStatus timestamp="2019-12-18T11:22:55"/>

<csw:SearchResults numberOfRecordsMatched="124" numberOfRecordsReturned="10" elementSet="summary" nextRecord="11"/>



Both endpoints have 124 records - 119 datasets & 5 services. 




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