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[LINKAGE CHECKER]Data Set metadata contains INSPIRE Spatial Data Theme reported even if not reported by INSPIRE reference validator

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While checking the metadata interlinkages using your Linkage Checker tool I get the following error:

The INSPIRE Spatial Data Theme keyword was not found.

I followed your prerequisite to validate the record with INSPIRE Reference validator available from here:

I used both TG1.3 and TG2.0 Test Suites to validate the record and non of them reported validation issues with INSPIRE Keyword:


The test checks for each descriptiveKeywords block if it references either or any duplicate of that thesaurus, e.g. If a block is referencing that thesaurus the test checks if at least one keyword is available and it matches with a concept in the thesaurus.

This test case only applies to records with a hierarchyLevel value 'dataset' or 'series'.

The test first checks if a descriptiveKeywords block exists with vocabulary title (identified via gmd:thesaurusName/*/gmd:title/*/text()) equal to 'GEMET - INSPIRE themes, version 1.0'. If such a keyword block exists, then at least one keyword must be equal to one of the codes from the codelist - either a language neutral code or one of the language specific code titles provided by the INSPIRE registry.

Relevant requirements:

  • TG MD Requirement 14: If only one keyword is used, then for spatial dataset or spatial dataset series, the keyword:
    • shall describe the relevant INSPIRE Spatial Data Theme (as defined in Annex I, II and III of the INSPIRE Directive)
    • shall be expressed in the language of the metadata for the 34 INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes (please use the terms in each of the official languages in which the INSPIRE Directive has been translated) or a neutral language values such as a URI.

Source: Abstract Test Case 'Dataset keywords'

Status Passed
Duration 0.477 s


Test that the INSPIRE Data Themes, which the data belongs to, are declared using at least one keyword from the INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes vocabulary.

More information: INSPIRE Theme Keyword

Status Passed
Duration 0.440 s

Could you please explain why the Linkage Checker reports issues while INSPIRE Reference Validator does not?

I encosed the XML file I was testing.

Many thanks,




geology_dataset_metadata.xml Magnifier - Tested metadata record XML (26.5 KB) Tomas Kliment, 02 Apr 2020 02:12 pm

GPH issue 3844 - TG1.3 CC INSPIRE Profile - schema invalid due to missing boolean value.html Magnifier (197 KB) Davide Artasensi, 15 Apr 2020 03:46 pm

GPH issue 3844 - TG1.3 CC INSPIRE Profile - schema valid.html Magnifier (196 KB) Davide Artasensi, 15 Apr 2020 03:51 pm

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#2 Updated by Davide Artasensi 6 months ago

Dear Tomas,

have you uploaded the right file to this issue?


I retrieved the attached "geology_dataset_metadata.xml", but it contains a quite evident error on line 428, with a gco:Boolean element without a valid value.

This prevents the metadata from being schema valid, as clearly shown in the attached report of the Reference Validator (GPH issue 3844 - TG1.3 CC INSPIRE Profile - schema invalid due to missing boolean value.html).

So, I went one step further, fixed the error by placing an arbitrary value and tested again, as shown in the subsequent report (GPH issue 3844 - TG1.3 CC INSPIRE Profile - schema valid.html)

Even after that, it returns a fail assertion about the requirement "md-iso.c.7 Dataset lineage".


As you mentioned, one of the prerequisites we suggest is to have a successful validation outcome for every involved metadata (dataset, View service and Download service), and only after proceed with the Resource Linkage Checker analysis.

As you can notice, I've just kept the reports based on TG v1.3, since it seems more aligned with that (personally, it doesn't make sense to test the same metadata against two different versions, unless you are unaware of the version in the first place). In any case, even if I try to use my version (schema valid) of that metadata, it doesn't present any errors in the Linkage Checker about the INSPIRE Theme keyword checkpoint, and the INSPIRE Theme is correctly recognized as "Geology", as shown in the following snapshot of our internal Geoportal report (in green, the theme; in red, the missing lineage).



Best regards,

Davide on behalf of the JRC INSPIRE Support team

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Dear Davide,

Thanks for feedback, 

Please find my answers in here

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