Meeting #2152

Updated by Michael Lutz over 6 years ago

On 15-16 May, we will hold a workshop with interested countries and technical experts on MIWP-5: Validation and conformity testing. The proposed format is:
* 15/5: Agree on scope of validation and testing (what should be tested? what should be tested against? what will be done with the results?) and on requirements for common validator [to be attended by all experts]
* 16/5: Presentation of existing solutions and technical discussions [to be attended mainly by technical experts]

Please add your nominations as comments to this issue. Please specify for each nominated expert:
* Name:
* E-mail:
* Affiliation:
* Expertise: [what qualifies the expert for participation in the workshop?]
* Contributions: [what can the expert contribute to the goals of this workshop?]