Call for participation #2229

Updated by Michael Östling almost 6 years ago

This is a call for participation in the MIG temporary sub-group on Update of the Technical Guidelines for Metadata.

During consultation with EU member states on issues working on Implementation and maintenance of Inspire metadata, a number of issues have been identified that need to be reviewed and possible updates in the technical guidelines made. Example of these issues are:
* A number of issues has been raised for the Metadata TG (e.g. issues concerning the metadata element useLimitation) that were not been fixed with the last update of the Metadata TG .
* The guidelines for metadata for interoperability (aka metadata for evaluation and use) are currently contained in the data specifications rather than integrated in the Metadata TG.
* The quality of the metadata harvested by the INSPIRE geoportal from the national discovery services is often quite poor, even if they are formally meeting the requirements of the metadata IRs.
* The revised versions of the ISO standards on metadata needs to be addressed to give security in planning. Many implementations are based on the existing standards. Re-building these implementations would require an enormous amount of re-investment.
* An analysis of metadata, which is created now with significant effort, should be made in order for the metadata to support additional use cases, than just the search for geodata and the allocation of information.

It has been agreed in the MIG-T meeting on 9-10/04/2014 that a sub-group should be formed to propose an update of the INSPIRE Metadata TG.

A detailed description of the scope, tasks and deliverables of the sub-group and the list of issue to be addressed are available in the attached Terms of Reference.

Nominations by MIG representatives and applications from the pool of experts should be posted as comments to this issue, specifying the following information:

Expertise: [what qualifies the expert for participation in this sub-group?]
Contributions: [what can the expert contribute to the goals of this sub-group?]

The initial deadline for nominations and applications is 2014-10-24.

The virtual kick-off meeting will take place on Monday 2014-11-17, 14:00-16:30 (Central European Time, GMT+1). [TBD].