Call for participation #2228

Updated by Michael Lutz over 5 years ago

This is a call for participation in the MIG temporary sub-group on Validation and conformity testing.

As INSPIRE is coming into a practical implementation phase member states, national contact points, dataset and service providers as well as software implementers express a great need for conformance validation tools regarding INSPIRE metadata, service and data regulations. This has been recognised in the proposed task MIWP-5: Validation and conformity testing (#2127) in the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation work programme.

In the "intial workshop on MIWP-5":/projects/validation-and-conformity-testing/wiki/INSPIRE_Workshop_on_validation_and_conformity_testing_15-16_May_2014, it was decided to set up a sub-group and develop a work plan for the work on MIWP-5, which has subsequently be confirmed by the MIG-T.

The main objective of the sub-group is the development of a commonly agreed European validator for INSPIRE metadata, network services and data sets. The validation and conformity testing will be based mainly on the technical solutions proposed in the TGs. The sub-group shall be organised according to the following three main tasks:
# Policies and procedures
# Software development
# Test development

Background and a detailed description of the scope, tasks and deliverables is available in the attached Terms of reference and draft work plan.

Nominations by MIG representatives and applications from the pool of experts should be posted as comments to this issue, specifying the following information:

Expertise: [what qualifies the expert for participation in this sub-group?]
Contributions: [what can the expert contribute to the goals of this sub-group?]

Experts who would like to support the work of this sub-group should send an "e-mail to Carlo Cipolloni and Michael Lutz" with the above information and/or contact their "national MIG-T representatives":

The initial deadline for nominations and applications is 2014-10-31.

The virtual kick-off meeting will take place on [TBD].