MIWP-Action #2130

Updated by Michael Lutz over 5 years ago


<li>A number of issues has been raised for the Metadata TG (e.g. issues concerning the metadata element useLimitation) that have not been fixed with the last update of the Metadata TG.</li>

<li>The guidelines for metadata for interoperability (aka metadata for evaluation and use) are currently contained in the data specifications rather than integrated in the Metadata TG.</li>

<li>The quality of the metadata harvested by the INSPIRE geoportal from the national discovery services is often quite poor, even if they are formally meeting the requirements of the metadata IRs.</li>

<li>The revised versions of the ISO standards on metadata needs to be addressed to give security in planning. Many implementations are based on the existing standards. Re-building these implementations would develop an enormous amount of investment.</li>

<li>It should be analysed how metadata, that are created now with large effort, can be used for more use cases than just the search for geodata and the allocation of information.</li>


<p><strong>Proposed change or action:</strong></p>

<li>Fix the remaining issues that has been raised. Update the Metadata TG accordingly.</li>

<li>Integrate metadata for interoperability into the Metadata TG.</li>

<li>Explain in the Metadata TG whether/how to take into account the revised versions of the ISO standards on metadata.</li>


<p><strong>Organisational set-up:</strong></p>

<li>Form a MIG sub-group based on pool of experts to define whether/how the TG need to be updated, e.g. to improve metadata quality and/or to facilitate metadata creation.</li>

<li>There is a link to MIWP-16.</li>



<p>Updated metadata TG (if deemed appropriate)</p>

<p><strong>Possible funding:</strong></p>

<p>In-kind contributions (PoE, MIG)</p>