Task #2408

Updated by Michael Östling about 5 years ago

<p>There are a number of changes undergoing in the TG Metadata document that will have impact on other specifications.<br />
How should these be coordinated ?<br />
We could just create&nbsp;the&nbsp;draft of the TG and then wait for responses.<br />
But it would instead be better if we could get feedback in a earlier stage.</p>

<p>Since the release cycle is different between these documents we will have a new TG Metadata which will actually replace some parts<br />
of the Data Specifications (regarding some parts of metadata).<br />
How can we make a user reading a Data Specification aware of that some parts are now replaced by contents in the TG Metadata.<br />
<br />
There may already be a process for this in the MIG-t already, but I just lift the question here so we don&#39;t loose it.<br />
<br />

<p>Some of the changes/updates we work on are:</p>


<p><strong>Coordinate reference system</strong><br />
We now change to require the use of a Http URI Identifier instead of code/codespace as ISO19115 recommends.<br />
This is a change from current DS&#39;s since these uses instead codespace:code</p>

<p><strong>Encoding</strong><br />
In Data specification this element have been used to document specific Application Schemas for each dataspecification.<br />
MIWP8 have changed this to only be used to document the actual format/encoding which is is eg GML, Shape or csv.<br />

<p><strong>Descriptive quality reports.</strong><br />
As the ISO19115-1 and ISO19157 is only implemented in few member states the TG Metadata does not handle these new standards.<br />
So all references to thoose should be removed or commented. In TG Metadata the main candidate right now for handling this element will be using the Lineage elament.</p>

<p><strong>Discovery Services</strong></p>

<p>We may&nbsp;change requirements for Coupled Resources so that the GetRecords request is mandatory.<br />